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    Why Do Auto Mechanic Shops . . . ?

    It's not uncommon for the repairs needed to be more than the customer wants to spend so they ditch the car with you. In California we can charge storage if the customer has left the car more than 3 days after you tell them to pick it up. After 30 days you can file a mechanics lien and then after...
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    small independent shops vs national chains

    Originally Posted By: GiveMeAVowel Really while independent shops might not be the disaster that chain shops are, they aren't anything to write home about either, many of these are just as incompetent, and just as crooked too, the same can be said of dealers, except that you do have some...
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    Where/How to apply dielectric grease?

    As someone who has been in the business for 30 years and specializes in old cars, this is incorrect. The grease should only be used on the boot to help seal out moisture and prevent sticking. Dielectric grease is non-conductive and I have seen it cause misfires many times when it is slobbed onto...
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    LTFT anxiety

    If there are no symptoms and no check engine light, what are you even trying to fix?
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    Will we lose the right to service ours cars?

    If they are going to make it illegal to work on your own car they are going to need to make it so you have to have a license to work on them. I wonder how many mechanics would fail.
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    What Is A 2004 MGM worth with only 4,400 miles ?

    Time will kill a car faster than any amount of mileage will. Not driving it is actually a disservice. I deal with this on a daily basis because my company sells low mileage classic cars.
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    engine bearings: al_si vs tri metal vs coated

    Originally Posted By: Shannow Originally Posted By: turtlevette It took huge ones to make that turbine repair and take responsibility to say fire it up! I know how conservative the power industry is and people with the knowledge and confidence to keep the lights on are few and far between. Kudos...
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    engine bearings: al_si vs tri metal vs coated

    I like your honesty. I work exclusively on old cars so I see a lot of repairs like this. It's not the right way to do it, and I don't think you'll get more than 1000 miles, but if it works, it works. When it fails, please post pictures.
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    engine bearings: al_si vs tri metal vs coated

    lol, I can't wait to see the outcome of this.
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    Torque Specs

    That is a 356 'Carrera 2' with the four-cam engine in front of the 959. There is another 356 parked backwards that is a super 90 and at the far end is a 356 with a 911 engine in it.
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    Torque Specs

    No, never heard of him.
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    Torque Specs

    That's four 959's but I think we had a total of seven at that time.
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    Torque Specs

    Originally Posted By: SumpChump Originally Posted By: KrisZ ... and don't forget that cheapie HF torque wrench. Nothing makes you feel more like a pro than that satisfying click. You can then pat yourself on the back for a job well done, not like those "other hacks". Actually it just makes me...
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    Torque Specs

    Torquing every single nut and bolt is neither practical or the right way to do it. The ability to judge whether a fastened assembly is properly tightened depends on mechanical aptitude and experience. The key term here is 'properly tightened'. All fasteners should be properly tightened, but not...
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    Lug Nut TORQUE WEIRDNESS ! (kinda)

    Torque them once roughly to the factory spec and don't worry about it again. They're not going to break and they will probably outlast the engine as long as you use a little lube and don't cross-thread them. Then again, this is BITOG. Did you confirm the torque wrench was exactly 90 degrees to...
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    engine bearings: al_si vs tri metal vs coated

    Originally Posted By: turtlevette Originally Posted By: DoubleWasp How does the stroker wok out with the turbo system? Does the turbo become grossly undersized at that point, or does it continue to work well? Do you have the "turbo charge" indicator lights in your cowl, by any chance? I'm not...
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    2008 Camry V6 - Found lots of issues during 60k service

    That timing cover leak is so minor you could caulk it with RTV after cleaning it extremely well and probably seal it for a long time.
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    How to make a motor smoother?

    Originally Posted By: Spetz The car also has a constant miss at idle, could this vibration be a part of the miss? This is a very important piece of information.
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    Taking new vehicle to dealership

    You can't use the 'call me before doing any work'. There is no time for that. If the rack is tied up because you are deciding whether to do the work, they aren't making any money from the rack. There could be another customer's car on it. In order to use it, they would have to put your wheels...
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    "Shop Fees"

    In California, you can not charge 'shop fees'. You have to account for everything used. A lot of shops just build it into the labor rate because in the end that is easier. You've got to pay for it somewhere its just a matter of how they word it.