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    Best Synthetic Oil For Cleaning

    My car used Dino oil for 150 thousand miles then full synthetic oil after that more 4 years no oil leak there oil seepage but it was there when Dino oil my advice use synthetic blend for 2 to 3 oil change if leak oil go back to Dino oil if not used full synthetic my opinion.
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    Best Synthetic Oil For Cleaning

    Thanks Dave . I agree clearance oil or cheaper oil is also good to do low mileage oci to clean engine
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    Best Synthetic Oil For Cleaning

    Dave can you please explain more for gtx ultra clean an Good for sludge clean engine
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    Best Synthetic Oil For Cleaning

    I think new Mobil 1 extended performance high mileage 20000 mile says it will virtually clean sludge in one oil change and $25 for 5 qt is good price. That only oil that claim to clean sludge my 1 choose
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    New Mobil1 EP HM, API SP label design.

    Maybe more AN/or ester that can clean engine.not sure though
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    Piston Clean-Up

    Valvoline restore good has especially formulated for ring cleaning but expensive +1 previous member comments if you do want more money go with Rislone engine treatment 100qr
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    Piston Clean-Up

    I would suggest to try Rislone engine treatment 100qr or high mileage will clean your engine.
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    Mobil 1 HM vrs Mobil 1 HM EP

    I have check msds no Mobil 1 ep high mileage oil has more 40% poa but msds 100% correct regular ep 0w20 60-70 %poa.
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    HM oils vs HM oils

    Used the one which is cheapest or find sale or clearance .or try all see which one make you car smooth and less noisy
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    RISLONE High MIleage Engine Treatment ??

    I think you used Rislone engine treatment I used maybe 1/3 of 32oz and I can see the difference in my engine sound
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    Addititive to Mirror Valvoline Premium Blue Restore

    I think Rislone engine treatment Qr100 kind similar cleaning the engine sludge slow and also contains tm ester.
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    Mobil Full Synthetic to be Dexos 1 Approved

    I think mobil super( full synthetic) is group 3 only or can be used for 7500 miles and Mobil 1 is grp 3,4 little group 5 and rated for up 10000 vanilla and ep for 15000 and ap 20k miles
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    Kendall's new marketing for GF-6

    They have new oil additive call Gt1 high mileage booster that is within api application S
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    Amsoil Boosted 5W-30

    It like regular full synthetic oil because xl is not that great in great in term of $= performance so buy amsoil ss or any other full synthetic will be ok if it meet you car requirements
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    Are 0w20 and 5w20 100% interchangeable?

    5w20 full syn =0w20 if you leave in hotter climate or never go below 0f my 2 cents but no data to back up just opinion after reading from here
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    Mobil 1 pricings

    Back in 1970 mobil 1 was poa and ester and better oil in term of base oil but today mobil 1 vanilla is mostly grp 3 and some gtl and little poa in it. Mobil 1 tri syn is much better product because it contains 4,5 two types of ester base oil in their mix not sure if that formula has grp3 in it...
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    Your Opinion on Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 5W-30 (SN) vs. Pennzoil Plantinum (SN)?

    I would says use Ultra for few oci like 2-3 then change brand of oil to any other brand you like but I would recommend Mobil 1 2-3 oci has AN ester which clean your engine slowly then used any other brand you like this is my 2cents or opinion . For oil burning Rislone engine treatment 16oz or if...
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    Yes Magnatec IS quieter...again.

    By looking your old sheet with BO IV is 86 of Mobil 1 HM 5w30 I heard or read here had Lower Bo IV have a ester base oil but I do not have articles or references to back this claim. Did saying Lower BO IV means oil can have ester ?
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    Yes Magnatec IS quieter...again.

    Here is another website I find I think 🤔 castrol only use ester base oil in few countries only like Australia
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    List of PAO Grp IV oils

    By sds only 2% to 3% ester base or Poe oil ?