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    Changing ATF frequently - OK?

    I have always believed this rumour was started by people who get their transmission serviced at 150,000 miles for the first time. Following this service, the transmission fails. Thus, servicing transmissions causes them to fail. In the same way, a mechanic who sees a car come into his shop with...
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    Australia: No more Mobil 1 10W-30

    Australian Mobil 1 10W-30 is being replaced by Mobil 1 5W-30 Below are the other changes in Australia: Mobil 1 10W-30 Mobil 1 5W-30 Mobil Super 4x4 10W-40 Mobil Super 2000 X2 10W-40 Mobil Synth S 10W-40 Mobil Super...
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    Virgin color of T-IV

    It is red colour like most ATFs. I buy it often Edit: every transmission pan or dipstick he has looked at probably had black ATF on it because it was burnt. This is why I change mine more often than specified in the service manual.
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    2002 Maxima, VQ35DE = Fail...Oil problem?

    I find it a little frustrating to read posts such as this. Engines don't fail early because of oil and as been well established in this forum, virtually any oil that is regularly changed will do the job. Engines fail because of mechanical breakage, abuse, design faults, lack of maintenance etc...
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    Why does this site freeze up?

    The IE7 phishing filter causes random lockups of browsing on certain sites. Tools < Phishing Filter < Turn Off ....... May fix it.
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    Castrol Edge

    Castrol Edge is vailable in AUS as 5W-30, 0W-40, 25W-50 and 10W-60. The 25W-50 is old-school mineral and the others are Group III synthetics. I used to buy it many, many years ago when it was the same price as Mobil 1 and contained PAO (I think) and was a premium brand. It is approx half the...
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    What is factory fill in Toyota's?

    My 2006 Aus Corolla (built in Sth Africa) had a Toyota Genuine Motor oil sticker on it from the dealer so I am assuming it had Toyota 10W-30 dino in it when I bought it:,5313,3331_1314,00.html The dealership uses it exclusively for...
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    Magnefine and Factory Warranties

    This question comes up all the time. IMHO, I would prefer not to give the dealer/factory any reason to deny warranty. If my trans , through no fault of any aftermarket filter or lubricant, fails due to a manufacturing fault, I don't want to spend 18 months walking to work while my...
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    New Car Warranties

    The reason you follow the manufacturer's service schedule is so that if the car fails due to a manufacturing fault, you can get it repaired. Besides, if you enter into a an agreement with the manufacturer (the warranty agreement) you should be bound by the terms of the agreement. That is only...
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    New Honda...Should I change the oil myself?

    When I purchased my new Corolla, I quizzed the Sydney dealership about this issue. I was told I had to get my car serviced by a "licensed mechanic" to keep my warranty. I get it done by my trustworthy local mechanic and I supply oil, Toyota filter (also needed for warranty) and T-IV ATF. I keep...
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    Toyota T-IV ATF, is there an approved synthetic?

    Originally Posted By: crinkles I'm looking at the ExxonMobil site for australia and they quote 3309 as good for T-IV too, I might just go looking around for it for my Camry I4. Don't bother about the Mobil 1 3309 ATF in Australia. I have never seen it. Every Toyota dealer sells 4 litres of...
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    Going over to Mobil 1 Synthetic

    Originally Posted By: Mudcat Thanks for the nice photos. What did failure analysis reveal concerning the root cause of the failure(s)? That pitted cam lobe could be the result of poor quality metallurgy so common these days. 20 years ago break disks lasted the life of the car. Now brake disks...
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    Very best 0w40?

    Don't know much about this stuff but it looks very expensive:
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    Since Amsoil is so good, why doesn't every1 use it

    In Australia: - AMSOIL: approx $AU76/5L including postage and there are very few sellers but the one I have used is excellent - Mobil 1: $AU85/5L. Available everywhere - PP: Impossible to find and when you do, only 40 weight at approx $AU75/5L (and I need 10W-30) I use Amsoil in my fathers...
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    Oil Goof

    I wouldn't worry. Cars in Australia (I don't know your engine per se) spec 10W-30 for economy but as temps rise, spec 10W-40, 15W-40 and 20W-50 if you like. And this is for current cars, let alone ones from 1994. For example, GM V8s here (eg LS1, L76, LS2) spec 10W-30 but the dealers will put in...
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    proper engine run in procedure after rebuild

    See my previous post here: I am not sure if these procedures are myth or beneficial but I did it anyway. I think the main idea you pick up from reading these threads is that with low-tension rings, DO NOT...
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    2008 Corolla ATF question

    Originally Posted By: mikered30 Is there any benefit to using Lubegard red with the T-IV or is it over kill? And my last question,can the Toytota WS fluid be used instead of the T-IV, I vaguely remember a TSB concerning that? As for adding lubeguard, if you drain/fill ATF more regularly than...
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    2008 Corolla ATF question

    I haven't asked my mechanic to do a pan drop as yet. Currently, my car has approx 20,000 KM and the Aus service schedule says to inspect the transmission fluid at 40000 KM and to do a service at 80000 KM. Since I am doing ATF drain/fills at every service, I probably wouldn't need a pan drop...
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    2008 Corolla ATF question

    Originally Posted By: mikered30 What is your tranny fluid interval? Is there any synthetic fluid in the T-IV at all, or is is all conventional? In Australia, the scheduled service interval is 6 months or 10000 KM on Corollas. In 6 months, I do approx 8500 KM, and a drain fill changes approx...
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    2008 Corolla ATF question

    I have read about 100 internet discussions about T-IV as I also have a Corolla auto. What I have gained from all of them can be summarised as follows: - T-IV is the Toyota branded ATF that meets the JWS3309 spec for Aisin Warner transmissions. This is most likely rebadged Mobil 3309 ATF. Mazda...