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    So I received my replacement bearing from RockAuto

    I hire a lot of people every year, my office is very close to a Standard Auto warehouse, they pay pretty well. Most employees do not speak English.
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    Accord totaled, need a 'new' car

    Mustang, tons of stick shifts out there.
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    Rear Pinion Seal Leak 2015 Lexus GS 350 AWD

    Do you have a top notch mechanic that you trust? I ask because I had a pinion seal leak and took it to a trans shop thinking they could fix it no problem. 6 trips later I took a junkyard rear end to them to install.
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    new tires daughter's car

    Good tires, sleep easy. Fair price especially since you live in a high cost for everything area. If you really want to step up your Dad game, lecture her on safe driving which is 7834532x more important than a tread pattern.
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    Where is this leak coming from?

    Holy Moses, she looks perfect. Drive it.
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    Post your latest parts purchase

    Ignition coils for big Flexy (2009 Ford Flex)..only bought 3, replaced the ones behind the air intake. Seems to run better but still not perfect. 147k and 15 years old, my new daily driver runs plenty good enough.
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    IRS online form always says, Service is currently unavailable

    Joe Biden is hiring 70k+ IRS just hold on, help is on the way!!!🤣
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    Wobbly crankshaft pulley

    *IF* you can get a gear puller in there, it really is not a hard repair...this is something that you do not want to ignore
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    Truck and Tractor Museum in Richmond VA

    I work 2 miles from the battlefield and go walk the trails most days at lunch. The best food in town is at Longstreet - get a panini, they are incredible. DO NOT just drive around Petersburg, stay only in the Old Town and battlefield area- literally the most violent city in Virginia....yes it...
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    Worlds oldest driver

    Same! The best assignment a teacher ever gave me was to talk with someone born before 1925 (this was around 1990) we had a list of questions we had to ask and then we had to make up some questions. I took the easy road and interviewed my grandpa. Learned a few things about his childhood.
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    Comfortable Seats

    I want big cushy seats, having my butt fall asleep because the seat is hard as a rock is no fun.
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    What happened here (mower deck)?

    when you say that you tried removing one bolt, was that the bolt holding on a blade or one holding on a spindle? I've replaced a TON of blades and never had to grind off one. Get an extra long breaker bar and I will bet you can get it off. I love the blades 🤣 as long as they are sharp and...
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    How do truckers handle vehicles that pull out in front of them?

    Same in Virginia, landscape, construction, big rigs always dropping rocks. 2 ladies in my office get their windshield replaced at a minimum 2x a year (one busted hers last week and before she got it fixed got a 2nd crack from another rock). We all take the same route home and I see them...
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    Facebook deals?

    THis cannot be real, why is facebook allowing these ads? Surely they are getting complaibts when their users are paying for stuff that never shows up...
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    If You Could Meet Someone From BITOG?

    I used to work for a sports card collectibles magazine. We would bring in old timer baseball/football players to sign autographs. This was my first year out of college and I made $18k at that full time job. One time we brought in Willie Mays and all he did for 3 hours was female dog about how he...
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    If You Could Meet Someone From BITOG?

    You haven't met me yet!