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    GC Gold Extremely Recent Batch Tested 3/23/07

    Does that mean that there's also liquid helium in there for ultimate friction protection?
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    I borrowed my wife's car last night and got in a race.

    I can't find too many of them around here
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    I borrowed my wife's car last night and got in a race.

    I have to say that I p!$$ed of a Trans Am driver with an '87 Sprint and a whopping 61 cc I-3.... three sucessive lights, and the first one just smoked the Pontiac. Everyone says, "He wasn't trying", or "He thought I was joking". Second light: I notice he has a cute girlfriend. I wink at her...
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    The Good Old Days?

    Oil vapour? And I just came from a thread where a turbine was using air as a lube. I didn't realize that Ford was so technically advanced
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    why ethanol blended gas sucks

    I am completely neutral about the farming system, and I'm sure that the "dead" zone is from more than *just* corn production. But I cannot see how the White House can justify making a fuel that uses more fuel to produce than is created. 1 gallon of ethanol requires 1.26 gallons of diesel oil...
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    "Cows, Constitution and Carlin"

    It's a good thing
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    Remember Your First Kiss?

    Thomas: From what I've heard, the inappropriate (but very funny, if you enjoy that sort of humour) video was actually filmed by MasterCard themselves. The company all but admitted it was a "Internet Mind Virus" for commercial purposes. I tend to believe it as the acting and film (?) quality is...
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    Huh? Too Funny!

    Um.... it's still American beer. 'Nuff said
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    How bad did I screw up adding Auto-Rx to my GC

    As they said in the old Foster's commercials, "Rippa"!
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    5-30 vs. 0-30

    My Chevy Optra manuals says most of the same, but does not recommend going thicker than 5W30. Just the same, after 2300 km, I put in the Essence of Gummi Bears and Elves. [edited for silly spelling mistake]
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    GC + Gummi Bears

    One phrase pops up to mind - and I can't even type the word on the board :`( Gummi Po*n!!!!
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    Especally since the HPFS (High Performance File System) that was introduced in O/S2 Warp 3 is the same as NTFS, just with a different name. As a matter of fact, I'd rather be operating O/S2. It's stability was better 10 years ago than NT and ME. I did crash O/S2 once, by opening 15 DOS boxes...
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    Need Advise

    Mystic: I agree with BlazerLT about the other three plugs, but if I understand you correctly, you had oil covering the top of the spark plugs (ie. the "wells" were full of oil). I'd be checking them every week or so to find out how quickly the oil is seeping into the wells. If it's going...
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    Spotted some M05 batch GC at Walmart today

    yugrus: thanx for the heads up... I'll not be going to the Burlington Mall location for my GC, even if I can see it looking out my work doors I'll have to go to another CT in Hamilton
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    Questions About Linking

    Thank you.
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    High Gas Prices and Vehicle Sales

    dkcase, I realize that you are not personally to blame, but if Illinois should start burning *non-low-sulfur* coal, 9 million people with have really bad lung conditions - being the population of Ontario. I actually did go from two American V-8 cars to one Korean car with a 4-banger. I hate it...
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    Another reason why I work on my own vehicles

    I have to say that someone has found out about us, and they realize that a lot of what has been done on their own board was juvenile. What was not juvenile was buddy's translation. It's not easy doing such a work, and making it witty, *and* making it inoffensive to the original poster. And I...
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    Questions About Linking

    I want to link to this forum from my website. 1) Is this allowed? (not as stupid as it sounds, honest) 2) Is there any sort of pic that I can use as a link? While I don't mind linking from text, this site needs some sort of logo, etc. (no, I'm not an artist, so my skills are somewhat unnecessary)
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    Post all GC (German Castrol) Topics Here

    I think J-Lo uses it on her ... (behind) to get those tight skirts and pants on. Paris Hilton and Martha Steward use it for reasons not appropriate in this forum As for Donald Trump and his former hairstyle... where do you think we collect GC from