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    I live in the SF Bay Area ... the East Bay side and I get them down at the Lucky stores. I LOVE It's it ! Been eating them since the 70's. Great for the taste buds but not easy on the waist line !
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    Flathead oils

    Dualie, You and I are neighbors .... I live near the San Leandro / San Lorenzo / Hayward border areas. For what ever it is worth prior to my joining this board in 2003 , for the 30 years I had been driving I used nothing but straight 30 WT HD oils in all my cars ... From a 1962 Dodge 3/4 Ton...
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    What is the oldest oil you have used in a car?

    I still have a few gallons of SJ DELO 15W-40 I use in my solid lifter BBC and I just used up the last of my SJ Chevron Supreme 10W-30 that I blended with the SJ DELO 50/50 for use in my Impala. Going to have to come up with a good SJ equivelent oil for the Impala pretty soon.
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    Post your latest oil change

    2003 Chevy Impala 3.8 V6 50/50 mix of Chevron 10W-30 & Delo 15W-40 both NOS SJ rated oils. K&N oil filter , only because of the nut on the bottom makes servicing the filter much easier.
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    You thin oil guys are a baddd influence :^)

    " Did the 20W50 really rob my car of that much power ? " Many years ago I made a mistake and bought a case of Kendall SAE 40WT when I thought I was buying SAE 30WT......... I then changed my oil on my solid lifter 427 Chevy...... I fired up the engine and looked at the tach and thought " What...
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    Cast iron cookware.

    Originally Posted By: hate2work For some reason, cooking with cast iron was big when I was in the Boy Scouts many years ago. One guy in particular would always bring several pots/pans and cook with the stuff. I remember the Dutch oven making some great tasting deserts and such. IIRC, cleanup...
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    Cast iron cookware.

    Not long ago my wife's niece about had a cow......her niece has quite a reputation with making some excellent desserts ...... she knows what's she's doing when it comes to baking pies and cakes ect ....... Well one day I made a pineapple upside down cake in my 12" cast iron skillet.....her...
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    Cast iron cookware.

    Anyone cooking " Old School " with cast iron ? About a year ago I decided to replace my worn out " non stick " and S/S stuff..... did a bunch of research and decided to go with new cast iron...... I remember my mother and grandmother always talking about how much better cast iron was than the...
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    Our deteriorating postal service.

    Wow.... I have had very very few problems.I send packages overseas to Asia and have them delivered useually in 5 days. The First time I ever sent an oil sample, gal at the PO looked at the address and got worried and wanted to know what was in there ect ect. I realized after, that she spotted...
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    Cursive handwriting a thing of the past?

    I hate to admit this but honestly I have been saying it's unnecessary since the late 60's. My Boss writes in cursive..... In 27 years of working with him I have gone to him hundreds of times to ask him what the heck he just wrote.....Prior to E Mails and such he would write a list of things to...
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    Non-windows users?

    Mac 10.4.2 on here..... at work we are switcing over to a Unix Box with I think Fedora Core..
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    what's your favorite motor noise?

    Any solid lifter engine.... the sewing machine clatter of a modest flat tappet..... nothing really big...... but the clatter of valve lash is irresistable to me.
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    Anyone have a mac mini?

    You might have her try these places.[email protected]@macmini
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    Kim Chi !

    That one turned out to be a nice suprise.... I didnt intend to do that..... I was just to tired to bother with much but I was hungry , so I just started and it sort of ended up with that.... I think I will be trying that again sometime.
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    How spicy do you eat?

    Oh... jeeze... Lynn just explained them to me..... Sorry... I'm a lightweight in spiciness department....I'll leave those Silis to you experts ! Lynn said to her the silis are worse than Habanaros... She said the little green ones arent too awfully bad but when they turn red they are blazeing...
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    How spicy do you eat?

    Vwoom, No Lynn is from Cagayan De Oro in Northern Mindanao.... The large southern island. When she gets back from work I'll ask her about the Sili Peppers.... I'm sure she will have some sort of story about them .... They sound dangerous tho
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    Kim Chi !

    Just the other day I came home from a 12 hour work day... dead tired and didnt even feel like spending much time cooking. So I cooked up some Brown Rice and tossed a handfull of fresh Spinach leaves in to cook with the Brown Rice... I sliced up some Pineapple and some Kimchi...... When the Rice...
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    Food Mishaps

    When I was around 10 years old I was frying an egg..... I turned around to look at the clock to see what time it was and then like an idiot just reached out for the handle of the frying pan without looking.... I missed and grabbed the burner..... Didnt take long and my palm was a big water...
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    I ate Dog and Horse.

    My oldest brother has hunted in Africa and he claims that Warthog is very tasty.... ugly as sin but tasty. I have never had the chance to find out so I have to take his word for it.
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    Kim Chi !

    Well I had some fun today.... I brought a jar of KimChi to work.Just a store bought commercial brand of the spicy variety. I asked several people if they would like some. Sandi who is from Hong Kong.... Replied in a hushed voice " You have Kimchi ? " Almost like it was illeagle or...