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    ARMOR ALL Ultra Shine WASH&WAX soap

    Wax added to any car wash soap helps remove dirt from the paint. The amount of wax it provides is extremely minimal though.
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    Post your latest detail

    I just used the Meguire's maroon bottle of cleaner wax and then topped with Meguire's Ceramic wax on a dark blue 2016 Camry. It came out good.
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    2011 Camry Using 1 Quart Every 1,000 Miles

    Yes, the car runs fine just burns a lot of oil.
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    2011 Camry Using 1 Quart Every 1,000 Miles

    I didn't think of that. It's never been checked.
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    2011 Camry Using 1 Quart Every 1,000 Miles

    A relative has a 2011 Camry with 195,000 miles. It uses about 1 quart (Quaker State Snythetic 0 20) every 1,000 miles. Any suggestions on what oil to top up with? I was think of using Quaker State 5 20 high miles oil? Thanks
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    I Destroyed My Transmission Pan

    Do you mean the drain plug threads in the pan stripped? Yes, thank you that is what I meant.
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    I Destroyed My Transmission Pan

    Did it strip out because you didn't hand thread it in first or because you accidentally over tightened. ^^I was in a hurry and believe I didn't hand thread it properly. A mechanic I trust said I can't use a over sized plug as the original plug is too short or something. I've been changing fluids...
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    I Destroyed My Transmission Pan

    I was doing my last drain and fill on my 2004 Corolla and stripped the pan. I'm quite angry (and feel a bit foolish) with myself but am curious, if as oil and trans pans age, do they become more susceptible to this?
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    Detail and Wax - Top Picks and Favorites Of Members On BITOG

    I use the 3 in 1 Meguire's' Cleaner Wax then apply Meguire's Hybrid Ceramic Wax. I was skeptical of the new "ceramic" technology but like the results. In between waxes, I use the Meguire's' Ceramic Detailer.
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    How do people get away with tinting a windshield?

    I think in IL, it's illegal to tint your fronts. But I see plenty of cars with limo tint all around. Sadly, I don't think the Chicago Police do much "traffic enforcement" anymore.
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    New class action against Hyundai/Kia excessive engine oil consumption

    I've heard that it's easier for potential Nissan buyers to get financed. I'm not so sure if it's true or not but thought it was interesting.
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    New class action against Hyundai/Kia excessive engine oil consumption

    Hyundai/Kia seem to be getting sued all the time now it seems.
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    Have you owned a vehicle for 15 years without internal engine problems

    I haven't owned it for that long but I have a 2006 Corolla with 90,000 miles that runs like it's new. Chicago rust is what will probably do this car in.
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    How do people get away with tinting a windshield?

    In Illinois, you are allowed to tint the back windows as dark as you want and the front a certain percentage. Chicago Police will ticket for it because it makes traffic stops more dangerous.
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    New Quakerstate 20,000 miles full synthetic oil

    So Quaker State no longer has Full Synthetic High Milage? That's what I've been using and like it a lot.
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    How hard is to to flip a car over?

    SUV have a much higher chance to flip over in a accident. It's the center of gravity or something like that.
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    Backdoor kill-switches in every car by 2026

    This device won't prevent drivers on narcotics or marijuana though. Illinois is starting to see a sharp increase in driving while impaired ever since it legalized marijuana. I had a Intoxilot on my car due to my last DUI and it was a real pain to use. Plus, it wasn't always accurate and took...
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    Post your latest oil change

    2005 Toyota Corolla Out: Fram Tough Guard and Quaker State High Millage Semi-Synthetic 5 30 In: Fram Ultra (New Version) and Quaker State Full Synthetic 5 30
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    Movies that you like, but others don't.

    The Cabal Guy. It was a dark but pretty funny movie that got terrible ratings.
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    Purolator One Air Filter And OId Stock?

    Perhaps a silly question but I just bought air filter for my 2005 Corolla. I bought a Purolater One air filter off of Amazon and just noticed that it was produced in 2017? Is it safe to use? It seems the build quality is a little better than the cheap Fram one I will replace. Thanks