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    Will the General Altimax RT-45 live up to the legendary RT-43?

    Same, I'd like to see newer entrants like the Cooper ProControl tested.
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    Will the General Altimax RT-45 live up to the legendary RT-43?

    The RT45 sits at second place (one point behind the much more expensive Michelin Defender T+H) in Consumer Reports' "all season" tire category. That said, there is some size overlap, and a few tires in their "all season SUV" category trounce everything in the regular all season category.
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    Goodyear Reliant Tires for the kid

    These seem to overlap with the Douglas brand tires (another Wal-Mart exclusive made by Goodyear) in terms of sizes offered and price. I wonder whether they plan to shelve the Douglas brand. My Maverick will probably need new tires around the time of the Black Friday sale, I'll definitely give...
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    Just had some Mohave CUV tires installed on our ‘22 Crosstrek

    @Nicasio - have you put enough miles on them to provide an update?
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    Tire dry rot - no visible cracking but poor traction.

    Similar situation on the G37 I recently bought, the tread depth was lower, but still decent, and the tires weren't that old based on the date code, but had just awful traction, even at low speeds (they never hydroplaned at high speeds, which suggests to me that the tread depth was adequate)...
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    28 year old rubber

    Are there any retailers that sell a small quantity of Krytox at a reasonable price? I've found 1/2 kg of the stuff for under $60 (without shipping). The 2 oz. bottles seem to be $30-$50. How do you apply it? What do you use to clean the weatherstrip before (and after) you apply the Krytox?
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    GM OLM (too) aggressive?

    My G6 had less than 20 miles on it, and the OLM read 98% when I got it. I'm sure it had been cold-started and idled a lot on the dealer's lot. It's on track for its first oil change around 5800-6000 miles. It has the 3.5L VVT V6 and a four-speed automatic.
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    Mercedes Reduces Service Intervals to 10,000 miles

    Misfire issues on the VW 2.0TFSI due to oil deposits? My leased A4 had a misfire problem from day one. Dealer was never able to replicate. It liked to rear its ugly head when traveling at highway speeds, in high temperatures, with the cruise control on. Always used premium fuel, had the first...
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    GM 4.3L air in coolant

    I called it infamous because I thought it was one of the engines afflicted with the gasket problems. Thanks for the tips, I will forward them.
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    GM 4.3L air in coolant

    My grandfather has a 1996 Chevrolet S-10 with the infamous 4.3L engine. A local mechanic replaced the Dex-Cool with Prestone. Now, there is a distinct gurgling sound from the heater core area, whether or not the heater is running. Is this cooling system self-bleeding? I could have sworn I saw...
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    Mobil 1 truck and suv 5w40 oil a "good" oil?

    See my reply in the other thread about this oil. Although BMWNA seems to be giving conflicting messages about their oil requirements, M1 5w40 is recommended in the 2006 3-Series owners manuals.
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    why do they call it M1 Truck and SUV

    The manual for the 2006 BMW 3-Series recommends BMW 5w30 oil and lists only Mobil 1 5w30 and Mobil 1 5w40 as alternatives. The oil caps still say "BMW Recommends Castrol," though... [ July 13, 2005, 08:45 PM: Message edited by: segfault ]
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    Need Oil Recommendation: 2004 BMW 530 (3.0 225 hp)

    Doing some math, I get: 3250 liters = 858.56 US gallons 858.56 * 20 MPG = 17176 miles between changes 858.56 * 25 MPG = 21464 miles 858.56 * 30 MPG = 25756 miles Is the 3250 liter figure used on European models for longer changes, or could an all-highway car see 25,000 between changes? The...
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    Mac monitor/ render (video?) card problem

    Video card may test out OK with a hardware test program, even if there's a problem. There is a monitor cable just under the first plastic piece that comes off the bottom of the iMac, but it doesn't sound like a loose connection. Try an external monitor to verify it's not a problem with your CRT...
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    Uninsured add $900 to health premiums-study

    His insurance doesn't have an annual out-of-pocket limit, or it's higher than 10k? Ouch.
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    98 Regal GS 3800 Mobil 1 5w30 3000 miles

    You might have a sample of the ATF analyzed, for good measure. Hypothetically, it would be possible for contamination to occur in one direction, sort of like a one-way valve, but I'm not sure how prevalent this is in practice...
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    DMX says to replace tires after 6 years.

    GM says "Where nothing suggests aging to be excessive, we do not recommend replacing tires after a certain number of years." Link
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    AutoRX, 24k miles BMW, Synthetic Oil

    jaj, I wasn't doubting you, just saying that it would be nice if BMW NA could come up with a coherent story regarding the oil requirements. According to BMW, Mobil 1, Castrol, and Valvoline 5w30 synthetics are appropriate. According to logical interpretation of the requirements, GC and Mobil...
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    2004 VW Golf TDI, Castrol 505.01 5w40 at 5kmi

    No, it wasn't the best factory warranty at the time. The powertrain portion was 10/100. The comprehensive portion was a pathetic 2 years, 24,000 miles. To keep warranty costs the same, they extended the comprehensive portion to 4 years, 50,000 miles, and reduced powertrain to 5 years, 60,000 miles.