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    New Battery Poll

    East Penn Napa Legend usually Please don’t fry me. Replace at 3yrs.
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    Baldwin B-2 cut open

    Is this a combo bypass valve etc?
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    2012 Toyota Avalon

    I have 2010 Avalon. Have 7 fusions in my spine. I could barely ride in anything. It’s a smooth highway car, power if needed is there and a big back seat thats more comfortable than front. My wife gets 32-33 ish mpg on hwy. I get 29.x. Average all around on dash 23 - 24 mph.
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    Where can I see a B-29 Bomber ...

    I saw one yrs ago at Mobile, Alabama where the USS Alabama battle ship is etc. I don’t know if it’s still there. Also had SR 71 Blackbird. Not on display. I guess they trying get it fix up etc. I enjoyed seeing it just as much B-52
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    Belt, hose longevity question

    I would consider changing the coolant first.
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    New tires and always a balancing issue @ Discount Tire

    All my seemed not Balanced properly tires turn out to be Out of Round by a mile.
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    200k vs 100k timing belt change

    My mechanic said he never saw one break from lots of miles. Was always age like over 7 yrs when they broke.
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    Help Pick Oil for New SUV

    Owner’s manual states ILSAC 6 0w-20. Heavier grade ok high speeds & heavier loads,
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    Help Pick Oil for New SUV

    I fail to mention this is my daughters car. She wants to use Toyota dealer ( not my choice). They us bulk Valvoline Advance 0w-20 as best I can find out. If it were mind & I could still change oil I maybe would us Mobil one esp 0w-20 or 0w-30 esp. What you guys thoughts on bulk Valvoline advance...
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    Help Pick Oil for New SUV

    Yes it says heavier oil suitable high speeds & heavy load conditions.
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    Oil New Holland 1920 Tractor

    I fell broke hip etc so I down awhile. I am running T4 10w-30. Having it run @ 1500 RPM for about 30 min. 2 to 3 times a month. Should I use OCI of one year?
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    Do you grease your car hinges?

    Fluid Film creeps in slowly & stays a long time.
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    Another new car (Toyota Highlander) owner seeking the: "Best Oil"

    Astro I am very sorry. This now my post. (beginning post)
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    Another new car (Toyota Highlander) owner seeking the: "Best Oil"

    All I found in Manuel was it said 0w-20. I had 2 surgeries, bed ridden for 3 months & hip surgery to go, so I may I sorry.
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    Help Pick Oil for New SUV

    2023 Toyota Highlander 2.4 turbo & intercooler. Haven’t found oil spec. 0w-20 on cap & in manual Lots very short trips. The shop we use is old & reputable.. They use M1 AFE 0w-20 & all Toyota Filters. I plan change oil 5k / 6 months. Would I gain much switching to M1 ESP X2 0w-20 or……?
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    Door hinge

    Fluid Film has worked well for me. It seems to creep in and stay there...........
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    Renewable Lubricants Diesel Additives

    How are Renewable Lubricants Summer & Winter Diesel Fuel Conditioners? I have used there Bio-Plus™ Injector Cleaner for a long time. I notice they mention several specs. that they meet the requirements for. Example: Cummins L10 Injector Depositing Test Detergency (Reference SAE Paper No...
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    Grease For Plastic Gears

    I been using Mobil One grease approx. 3 - 4 yrs on the plastic gears in door openers. No sign of wear to the plastic worm gear etc.