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    Priming Motor that sat for 6 months. Did I screw up?

    It will be fine. God speed in your recovery or post recovery.
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    Motor Oil Geek..Oil & Fuel Additives

    There is a time and place for some additives where the goal of treatment out weighs the negative effects eg. worn engines, sludge up engines, stuck rings etc. if something needs fixed or helped along do to a real issue and it’s worth trying an additive before salvaging or dumping $$$$ into it...
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    Junk car caravan

    They buy old cars and take to Mexico. Not a lot of cars sold in Mexico
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    Junk car caravan

    Going to Mexico.
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    Fram XG12447 C&P

    This ultra also dosent have the black grippy layer on top. Did they just take a champ xl and give it an ultra paint job? Would still be an upgrade in my book but, oh boy oh boy! Supertech MP becoming the new ultra?lol
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    Fram XG12447 C&P

    Maybe they should use champ labs for all their ultras. This one looks great.
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    Valvoline restore and protect ford 3.7

    I like to finger my oil warm.
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    Hengst H97W05- Acura TSX

    filter media looks perfect.
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    Fram FE9972 vs WIX 57047XP for 2AR-FE?

    The endurance only because the price difference.
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    Fram Titanium FS10575 C&P

    Like this
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    Fram Titanium FS10575 C&P

    Sooo squishy and soggy!
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    Supertech MP7317 - cut open - 8,000 miles

    They are gone from the stores here in the Galveston area but can still be ordered online
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    New Wix Design, Looking for Opinions

    Pretty sure it’s a Mann design. I’m not seeing a problem with the design or anything other than rust inside the can. This is why I don’t but filters from rock auto Ya never know what you’re gonna get. That filter probably sat somewhere in high humidity
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    this filter is the best

    or you could just answer your own question if your capable of making an account online and asking questions your capable searching the internet for your answers.
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    Quality of Buc-eyes gas station fuel?

    I see, Murphys is good gas anyway.
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    Wix/Filtran inline filters?

    Sure Attached is the Wix specs sheet for the filtran. Filtran= 25um cartridge Magnifine =35um cartridge last I checked and that has been quite a while ago. The magnets in theses filters make them both more efficient for ferrous metals which matters most.
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    Quality of Buc-eyes gas station fuel?

    I would have to make a conscious effort to not ever get top tier fuel as much as I travel. It’s pretty much every where I go. You must stay put in a particular area that doesn’t have a lot of top tier stations around? I wish I could stay around home and not have to travel much anymore. Either...
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    Mobil 1 vs Amsoil

    Qs full synthetic, super tech full synthetic and Havoline full synthetic are some of the cheaper priced “synthetics” around and should do as well as anything for 5k mile ocis.
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    this filter is the best

    I think the pure ones are fine filters and highly efficient. Lota folks around here are liking the PG/carquest filters now. The Boss is made like a tank, IMO probably one of the best out there now. If it’s like a recent post of an xg that tore within 7k or so, an xg might might flow really...