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    Mobil 1 0w40 opinions

    ^^ +1 M1 0W-40 as spec'd in the Mercedes, never an issue. Plus readily available.
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    Any reason NOT to take low dose Aspirin?

    I would ask my doctor rather than Bob.
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    DDM ******, your warned..

    I've always been really pleased with products/service at the
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    60 Gallon Compressor?

    Originally Posted By: dave123 Be sure to run a flex hose off tank before hard pipe for vibration Filter as far from tank as possible. Take oem drain off bottom of tank most are junk install ball valve for draining. Yup, forgot about that, used hydraulic hose, works great and already had the...
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    60 Gallon Compressor?

    I suspect it may be same/similar to the C-H 60 gal compressor I bought from Tractor Supply about a year ago. Not an issue to lay it down but some oil can leak as mentioned, depends on which side you lay it on I think. Mine was mounted on a wooden skid and I let it sit for a couple of days before...
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    Wix 57356 vs 51358

    You can look here, plug in your filter numbers and compare the stats.
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    Akebono ProACT vs. Raybestos Element3 EHT Pads (pics)

    Originally Posted By: artbuc Originally Posted By: Phishin No one ever has anything bad to say about putting Akebonos on an import vehicle. Ever. Yet, because we see a slightly larger pad surface area on the Raybestos pads, several people automatically say, "Raybestos" is better. There is no...
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    Annoyed & then satisfied..ish.

    Just curious, have you looked at the date codes on the tires?
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    A Critic-Style Brake Job

    Just curious (I hope I didn't miss this in the write-up)did you bleed brake fluid out at all to replenish with fresh fluid? The stuff that sits inside the caliper pistons gets particularly nasty since it's on the front lines so to speak.
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    Oil of choice for tractors?

    Ran Rotella and/or Delo 15W-40 for the last 10 years on my Kubota DT3000 32hp. Never any issues at all.
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    New car?

    Originally Posted By: rjundi Originally Posted By: Pop_Rivit Originally Posted By: wallyuwl They have 0% for 72 months (I'll take free money) There is no such thing as "free money". The interest is hidden in the price of the vehicle or in the loan "fees". He mentions $4K customer cash if self...
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    Marvel Mystery Oil

    ^^what he said, especially about changing the raw water intake impeller. It's taken a set after all these years and is probably brittle enough to break when the engine is started. Then you get pieces of impeller into the cooling system. Also, before starting "prime" the cooling system with water...
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    material needed to get MB paint flawless?

    I think RTF hit it on the head. When I bought my MB, the paint looked good yet had that scratchy feel. I also read up on the ceramic-based clearcoat before deciding what to do. The Menzerna products mentioned seem to be the most highly recommended. I used Griot's claybar lubed with Optimum...
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    Stihl FS94R is almost the perfect trimmer

    IMO they make a great trimmer. I've got 2 FS 85's that I got free about 8 yrs ago as non-running. I put a new carb on one and a new coil/plug wire on the other and they've worked great ever since. If they ever give out I would spend the dough for a new one but at the rate they're going they may...
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    Houston TX shutting down

    I just drove in from conroe to IAH airport this morning. Totally normal, in fact lighter than usual lol. Typical overblown mongering from the talking heads.
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    What oil to use in my Silverado

    Other than a possible malfunctioning oil pressure switch, do you have any other indicators that the engine is actually gummed up?
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    Purple Ice

    Originally Posted By: simple_gifts What problem are you trying to solve. ^^this^^ I would think that if you've got overheat issues with current moderate weather here in TX, an additive won't do much.
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    What's my transmission doing?

    Clutch pack and/or band engagements are typically controlled by internal pistons also called accumulators or servos. Some clutch packs also have their own internal Pistons. All of these devices have rubber seals that can deteriorate over time heat and miles. Fluid is routed into the accumulator...
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    Jeep 4.0 under valve cover

    Perfect. Replace gasket as needed and carry on, nothing to see here
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    Can't decide on which tire.

    Maybe look into Continental? I've been pleased with life/performance with them on 3 different vehicles.