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    Zaino recommendation

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    Kumho tires

    I am glad that you found that Kuhmo works well for you guys, I do however want to tell all the spirited drivers out there, that these tires may not be the ones for you if you like to take your car out to the track or like to take corners at as fast as possible, these may not be the tire for you...
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    Magnetic Oil Drain Plug Socket Set - Anyone have/tried it?

    it catches very fine particles. ummm, dont expect to catch some chunks of metal or anything, but i guess it wouldnt hurt, I dont think i spent more than 10 bucks on mine. I hardly use it... i really dont know what to say.. i just say, every now and then i catch some metal, but not all the time...
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    how to tell when shocks are worn

    your shocks are gone. i have a prelude. you cant really really tell unless your shocks are relalyr eally bad. I have a prelude at 100k and i replace my shocks and i felt the world of a difference. i just use koni yellow. when you drive, you get acclamated to your car shocks wear so its...
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    How do you determine brake bleed order?

    I agree get the chilton it will show you the lay out. its either diagonal or the other way.But chilton will have the answer
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    simple green on rims?

    thanks guys
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    simple green on rims?

    hi guys, i was going to use simple green to clean my rims with the tires on? has anyone ever had any bad or good experience with this? thanks for your time
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    Thoughts on Zaino?

    I think he is refering to the mixing bottles that he cant remove the stuff right?
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    oil to best protect high revving honda motor

    amsoil series 2000 0-30. my engine seems super happy afer switching to it. can someone tell me what UOA means please????
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    Tire protectants

    No touch? but i dontknow, I just use it? anyone know?
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    What exactly does moly do, what are the benefits?

    I been dying to know what UOA means, can you tell me please?
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    Honda rebuilt break in procedure, your opinions? seems like your doing ok
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    Amsoil 0-30 vs 10-30 vs 5-30?

    i use the0-30 and i love it. I dont know all this tecnical jargen, I just listen to my car and feel it. It feels so much better. 1) what does UOA mean?
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    New Tires

    i like bridgestone re750. It all depends on what you want to spend. the more you spend the better you get. I never heard of cooper, so i cant vouch for them, I have to say, they probably arent good tires. I go through tires annually, I'm a big fan of buying good tires and not settling for crap...
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    Help with noisy clutch *Pic and video included*

    oh man, that is hilarious because I had the same exact problem. Hye when I had that problem that place had a leak. But then it could also be your slave cylinder. check all the places for your fluids. SOmething a leak. If you didnt have the video I would had ignored it. YOu are leaking some where...
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    what products do you use? thats a site you might want to check out car wash soap: zaino car wax: zaino tire dressing: no touch spray on interior dressing: lexol interior cleaning: lexol glass: warm water, newspaper and microfiber,
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    Oil and Breaking in a new engine i saw this article and thought u might want to look at it
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    found some cool detailing info everyone should look at

    cool, I wasnt sure if I got it from here or my other site, that's why I just posted on both pages
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    found some cool detailing info everyone should look at this will answer many of your questions about wax, armorall, etc