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    Hyundai observation.

    We own a Hyundai Palisade and a 2018 Toyota Highlander. In every aspect I can think of and in my limited experience with both, the Hyundai is a superior product. There is no redeeming quality for the Highlander.
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    2013 Mazdaspeed3

    Oh I’ve read the stuff on the speed3 forums. Seems the magical elixir last time I read on one was Rotella T6. And anyone using M1 would immediately suffer a smoking turbo and engine failure before finishing off a tankful of gas. I’m not trying to sell him on M1. Just trying to find out his...
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    2013 Mazdaspeed3

    After 100k miles using almost exclusively M1 5w30, driven hard, my ‘11 Speed3 still ran as new. Your biggest issue with that car’s engine is going to be the valves. They will accumulate carbon and you’ll loose power due to that. And no oil is any better than the other with respect to that...
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    2013 Mazdaspeed3

    I know you’re asking about two oils. Do you expect something from them that you’d not get from Mobil 1 or Penzoil Platinum? (I owned a 2011 Mazdaspeed3 for 7 years and 100k miles before trading it in just a month ago.)
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    Home invasion

    Wireless Alarms: check. Wireless Communications: check. Battery Backup: check. Deadbolts: check. Secured Bedroom: check. Loaded Glock: check. Loaded Glock Mags: check. Light Sleeper: check. The only violent crime that’ll be committed in my house will be one of the violently stupid.
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    Review of Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailer.

    Beading is identical (visually) to NuFinish.
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    Opened up: 193K Focus 2.0

    Looks fantastic. Great job by the person who maintained it.
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    Are you tire brand loyal?

    Michelin Pilot Super Sport.
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    Honda Type 2.0 ATF?

    The 10spd transmission in the 2018 Accord performs superbly. I’ve driven an MDX with the 9spd ZF and it’s simply crude in comparison. This 10spd shifts instantly and very smoothly whether up or down gears. I must say I’ve never experienced anything quite like it although I’ve read the new 10spd...
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    Honda Type 2.0 ATF?

    Sorry in my haste I did not answer your question. This is not a dual clutch design. It has several planetary gear modules. Having same said that, irrespective of the transmission architecture, this transmission operates superbly. Nearly imperceptible shifts while simultaneously shifting very...
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    Honda Type 2.0 ATF?

    Yeh I thought about that but none of the Honda owner fiends would get their hands dirty changing out transmission fluid, haha.
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    Honda Type 2.0 ATF?

    Exactly what I was thinking. Use the Honda fluid through warranty. In a year or two, another company will have a compatible fluid. What I’m going to do with the DW-1 stash I have is TBD.
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    2011 Toyota 5.7L Burning oil

    This may or may not help but I cured an oil consumption problem in a Saturn L200 4 cyl with 75k miles on it by running Mobil 1 high mileage oil in it. It was consuming 1qt/800 Miles. Engine still running strong today with 170k miles.
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    Honda Type 2.0 ATF?

    Did a search in here and to my surprise, I found nothing. Or just maybe the search tool is a bit behind the times. I searched the web a bit too. So sorry in advance if this topic has been discussed, but what info have y’all collected on this “new” ATF recommended for Honda 10-speed...
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    2018 Highlander oil change schedule

    Yeh I'm sure 5w20 synthetic would be fine at 10k but the manual exludes this as a specific statement.
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    2018 Highlander oil change schedule

    Yeh they'd do readers a favor if they studied a little technical writing. Oil change interval- whichever comes first in these two options: 1. 1 yr/10K miles using synthetic 0w20 (preferred) 2. 6 mo/5K miles using conventional 5w20 Honda manuals are far better written. You dont want to read a...
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    2018 Highlander oil change schedule

    Fair enough. Thanks. That little footnote clears it up. 5w20 in this context apparently implies conventional.
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    2005 Highlander 3.3 MKZ-FE Oil Specification

    Toyota varies the OCI on the 18 Highlander requiring 5k intervals with 5w20 and extending OCIto 10k with 0w20. Obviously stating this fact doesn't answer your question, but adds this oddity to yours.
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    2018 Highlander oil change schedule

    For 2018 V6 Highlanders, Toyota specs 5K mileage intervals when using 5w20 and 10k mileage intervals using 0w20. What is the rationale for this? 5w20 synthetics are inferior to 0w20?
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    New Supersport Recommendations?

    Every bike mentioned is in the 600cc class. Have you checked out a Yamaha fz09? Lot of bike for the money. If only a supersport will do the Kawasaki zx6r has the best performance and the most natural riding position. It's the class leader in useable 600cc performance. It has 127hp at the crank...