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    Buying a House in 2 yrs - Realistic Numbers?

    Originally Posted By: Mr Nice Nothing beats home sweet home. Home ownership is better that constantly paying rent. Except being anchored to an area if there's no jobs.
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    Ontario cancels future Green Energy plans

    Originally Posted By: OVERKILL Originally Posted By: KrisZ 20 years is a long time. The wind and solar could cause some of the peakers to be used less and less, resulting in their eventual shut down. The peakers are actually used quite regularly, though probably not as much as they used to be...
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    Buying based on service

    Originally Posted By: dlayman A family owned and family staffed store or garage is definitely the way to go. Their very livelihood depends on their quality of service. And most take pride in keeping their good name, too. Generally, they aren't much different on cost, sometimes less. Maybe...
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    Inconsiderate people....

    Originally Posted By: aquariuscsm Something I REALLY hate seeing,going into a clothing store and seeing wadded up clothes that slobs (customers) obviously looked at,decided they didn't want it,and just chunked it down somewhere. SO lazy!! I always either fold it back up,or hang it back up...
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    Well I didn't expect that!

    Originally Posted By: supton I should ask a friend of mine, he has a nasty driveway. Nice house, nice location--but the land rises too fast and thus the driveway is nasty. I'm not sure if he bought and then built; or bought the house after it was built. I do know he has thought of moving of...
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    Ontario cancels future Green Energy plans

    Originally Posted By: Nick1994 Originally Posted By: Bluestream Its a giant SCAM! You're ridiculous. Your insight into the topic is deep and so thoughtful.
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    Bathroom fans - more than noisemakers!

    I just realized yesterday the duct for my bathroom fan has been dumping warm, moist air into the attic. My home inspector noted it wasn't an insulated duct (and suggested replacing it), but it was somewhat covered up with blow-in. Fixing that today, thankfully. Because of our house position, the...
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    Shop Talk

    Originally Posted By: Berny Originally Posted By: firemachine69 My wife went to go buy a battery from the local Canadian Tire, and being mechanically-retarded (and it's pretty obvious), the salesman made up some baloney that only the top-of-the-line battery came with a warranty. So we now have...
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    Sold my Dodge Ram 2500 with Cummins diesel

    Originally Posted By: motor_oil_madman 2wd trucks are embarrassing, mine will get stuck in the grass if it's a tiny bit wet and you don't have a good amount of speed built up. I did it at a storage facility one time, the tires started spinning and the guy I was trying to get around probably...
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    Shop Talk

    Originally Posted By: AZjeff Originally Posted By: firemachine69 My wife went to go buy a battery from the local Canadian Tire, and being mechanically-retarded ......... we now have a $100 battery in a $500 lawnmower. And maybe it cost you $50 extra to remember why you should take care of...
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    What is the advantage of foaming engine degreaser?

    Originally Posted By: supton "Lather, Rinse, Repeat" just sounds better than "squirt and hose"? Never used the stuff. I had at least one mechanic swear by just using the car wash. It was a modern car, so pretty good sealed connections; he said one cycle with soap, one cycle on hot water, and...
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    Shop Talk

    I'd say 90% of shops are dishonest scum, unless it's patently obvious you're not a mechanical idiot, and they figure this out before trying to sell you "blinker fluid". (Hey - sometimes I'm just too lazy / short of time.) My wife went to go buy a battery from the local Canadian Tire, and...
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    Wasting money on premium gas

    I ran Shell premium in my '02 Sunfire back in the days when I was a bit less frugal with my money. Mind you, the odd time I did fill up with regular (because I was completely broke), I noticed threshing over the 400km mark as impossible (I was running heavy 17" low-pro rims).
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    "Perfect" drive to work…

    If I leave early (I generally do, because I don't trust the Saturn Outlook), I'll generally miss the big traffic rush. Other than three stop signs (and one right turn that's generally green), it's a pretty smooth ride for my 13 mile commute at about 45mph.
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    keep in your (opposing) lane!

    Originally Posted By: pandus13 'morning BITOG. what is so hard to keep in your lane and not waiver over the double continuous lanes into opposite traffic on a 4 lanes? here, the usual contenders are some school buses, some taxi/livery, semis and big vehicles in general. and all this time i'm...
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    long term employees fired?

    Originally Posted By: DoubleWasp Management was always a major target during cutbacks. We were given a lot of interesting names during the worst of that period. The odd thing was that most of them centered around Harry Potter and Twilight for some reason. "Death Eaters", "Dementors", "The...
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    Where do you buy your car parts?.,,

    Rock Auto. My mobile mechanic has sources to the actual factories for some of the more common parts (like Caravan bearings). It was literally the same price to come get him to fight those old rusty ones in the back and install his bearings, than it was for me to order white box bearings from...
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    Do you trust a used-car OLM?

    You'll all be happy to know I dumped it! It came out a little thicker than I expected (and it was piping hot). Trip meter B read 23xxx km's (so about 15k miles). I guess that WAS the last time the oil was changed... 5 liters of Quaker State (peak performance) dino 5w-30. Half a liter...
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    Work travel to conferences..

    Originally Posted By: opus1 Someone else paying is probably the bulk of the reasoning. My employer allows a limited amount of alcohol to be expensed. I'm not much of a drinker so they save money that way. Come to think of it, I'm a pretty cheap date when I get sent to conferences...I usually...
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    Washer: Would you repair or replace?

    Originally Posted By: Jarlaxle Originally Posted By: Gebo Originally Posted By: double vanos At all costs avoid any high efficiency machine!!!! All of them are total JUNK! Now having said that, as mentioned above, Speed Queen is the only way to go. As I type this I'm waiting for my LG Wave Force...