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    2006 Triumph Daytona 675.

    Take a look at the Yamaha 2006 YZF R6(R6S). It raised the bar for middleweights.
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    Mobil 1 5W30 Synthetic (Katrina Blend)

    Good question, the tech I spoke with at Mobil said it was a "minor tweak" due to shortages incurred by the hurricanes. Of course this is just one VOA of one quart bottle.
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    Mobil 1 5W30 Synthetic (Katrina Blend)

    This sample was taken from a quart bottle with no API starburst and the Suitable for SM/GF-4 labeling. Iron 1 Moly 74 Boron 61 Silicon 6 Sodium 4 Calcium 2048 Magnesium 11 Phosphorus 609 Zinc 648 Viscosity 63.2 Flashpoint 410 Blackstone Labs Sorry I no longer have the bottle so I can't give...
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    Amsoil Ratings

    Thanks for the info Buster, guess I've been out of the loop for a few months.
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    Amsoil Ratings

    I noticed that the ASL 5W30/ATM 10W30 are no longer showing the ACEA A3 rating. When/why...just wondering.....
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    Response from Mobil....Hurricane formulations?

    Just for information I sent a virgin sample of the M1 5W30 synthetic "hurricane blend" to Blackstone today. I suppose this will be the new formula after API certification. Will post results ASAP.
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    Fellow BITOG Member Dies In Accident

    We are all going miss Mark's contributions to this board and my heart goes out to his family. Absolutely amazing what the people on this board are doing as a group to help his family. It speaks volumes for the character of this board and it's members.
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    Mobil 1 Fe is NOT Fe wear

    Why does it only show up as higher FE. If it's actually wear caused by some deficiency in M1's add pack or baseoils then why don't we see an increase in other wear metals. I don't know I'm just asking. I tend to believe the answers Buster has provided are correct.
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    M1 and Fe -additives?

    Makes me realize how important trending is in oil analysis. You really need to establish a baseline.
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    The new GC?

    I've kinda been out of the loop on the GC scene lately. I may need an alternative if the M1 EP doesn't perform as advertised. So I still have an interest in the product. Here in Pensacola at least two AuotZones still have the 04 stock on the shelf and I've yet to find any of the 05 variety. I...
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    Buster's Wife and Puppy

    Nice pics Buster, my first wife was a redhead and I've been hooked ever since.
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    Synergyn/Redline blend?

    What is the factory recommendation? Didn't notice this was your first post, welcome to BITOG.
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    Synergyn/Redline blend?

    IMHO I wouldn't mix these oils. Both are excellent oils on their own. No need to play chemist. You may even downgrade performance/protection by doing so. You didn't specify engine type or warranty status but unless it's spec'd for 5W20 the GC 0W30 usually runs well in most all applications where...
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    Which Mobil 1 has moly in it?

    You can look at VOAs of practically all of the (USA) M1 lineup in the BITOG VOA library (Virgin Oil Analysis section).
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    Toyota Echo, 5w-30, Toyota Fill, 2113 miles

    Never seen that much boron in an oil. Good luck with the new Yota.
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    Which Oil?? Help a newbie out huh???

    When you get ready for synthetic, check out Synergyn. The LTS 3W30 or their 5W30. Both are excellent oils for high horsepower engines.
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    schaeffers 5w30

    I ran Schaeffers 5W30 Blend in a new 05 Toyota 4Runner V6 for 3010 miles. With only 4500 miles on a new engine it still had single digit wear. Iron 9 Copper 6 Lead 2 IMHO this is the best blend on the market.
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    ZDDP- Bad for aluminum engines?

    Interesting article, Fuchs is ahead of the game here. Their Titan 0W20 line has no ZDDP. More emphasis on base stocks for protection and less on certain additives may be the smarter approach. But then again there are alot of aluminum engines on the road today with excess of 150,000 miles that...
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    Exxon 5W-20, 4800 miles, '02 Honda Si UOA #4

    Since Mobil is using sodium in their 5000/7500 line of oils it's very possible the Exxon lineup formulation contains sodium as well. Wear numbers certainly don't reflect a problem. A VOA of the 5W20 would be my next step.