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    Can I use 20 year old Red Line oil?

    I have 8 quarts of SAE 20W50 High Performance Motor Oil (all synthetic formula) left over from a 12 quart case I purchased from Red Line about 20 years ago. The label shows it meets API SG/SG/SF/CC/CD/CE. These bottles have been stored in non-climate controlled garages and pole buildings in MI...
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    Oil for Royal Enfield Himalayan

    In the second sentence I meant to say that most air cooled "v-twins" do have space between the cylinders that are surrounded by cooling fins vs parallel twins and 4 cylinder engines that do not have fins between the cylinders.
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    Oil for Royal Enfield Himalayan

    I'm no engineer, but it seems to me that a parallel twin would get very hot between the cylinders since it's solid aluminum. Twins do have space between them and are surrounded by fins which does help cooling. A single also is "open" on all sides with fins. I also think that a 50 weight oil...
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    Oil for Royal Enfield Himalayan

    I just purchased a 3000 mile pre-owned '21 Himalayan (413cc air cooled single cylinder thumper with air to oil cooler). The manual states to use synthetic blend 15W50. About two years ago I bought a bunch of the Delvac 1 ESP 5W40 full synthetic that were on sale with big rebates (I think they...
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    Mobil 1 ESP 5W30 507 oil

    Originally Posted by racin4ds Thanks Guys, so nothing stellar as far as PAO content.... VW pushes a 10k mile OCI on this car and I just can't bring myself to do that unless the oil is of VERY high quality. VW is the same company that states the transmission oil is "lifetime" and never needs...
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    What's the advantage of 5W & 10W over 0W?

    It's been quite awhile since I've been on this site and even longer since I posted. I got the "oil bug" tonight and I'm trying to learn. I've done a search on this site for the answer to my question and I'm frankly shocked that I didn't find a thread covering it. Maybe I didn't do the proper...
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    Rotella T4

    A high level oil company technician told me that pretty much every oil that does not have the term "Energy Conserving" in the doughnut on the oil container's back side can be used with a wet clutch. He said that most oil companies won't spend the money to get the JASO certification because they...
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    Oil Recommendation - 2018 Can Am Maverick X3 Turbo

    This article is bound to raise some eyebrows. I cannot attest to its accuracy, I simply discovered it while on Google. I was planning to use some of the 9 gallons of Delvac 1 ESP 5W40 in my garage for my Maverick Trail 1000, but after reading this article, I'm wondering if Valvoline MST 5W40 or...
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    Rotella T6 15w-40 Is JASO MA2 Rated

    Originally Posted by Bonz Fellas, I ran T5 15w40 in the ZRX1200, it was a great oil. 145-150 hp and 85 ft/lbs at the wheel, with torque to burn at about any engine rpm. Did not shear out of grade in 3,700 miles. The "non" JASO MA stuff is fear mongering at best. Look at the used oil analysis...
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    OW40 vs 5W40 in Maverick Trail 1000

    My '18 Can Am Maverick Trail 1000 calls for either BRP brand oil or 5W40 synthetic automotive (API-SN) oil. Why would I not go with 0W40 to get the advantage of faster "cold start" circulation to the moving parts? I live in MI and ride in temps from 30-90F. I will be changing my oil every 50...
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    Oil weight question in lawnmower/snowblower

    I'm now using a 50/50 mix of SAE 30 and 10W30 in all of my non-winter small air-cooled engines. My thinking is that this will provide more protection against viscosity shear than pure 10W30, especially for extended running in 80+ degree summer temps. Snow blower gets Mag 1 synthetic 5W30 and...
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    Why do women despise other good looking women ?

    American women have been that way for probably at least 30 years, getting worse every year. In Ukraine (my wife's home) the women are far better looking and take care of their appearance much more than here. This is true of women in Eastern Europe and some of the former Soviet countries...