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    Motul 300V now comes in a 0w-20

    cvl, Where did you get the specs? Man, I could find only this much information . A friend of mine who competes in Mazda Miata Challenge (?) will try MOTUL 0w20 soon. It'd be very interesting to see what kind of oil pressure he will see.....
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    AGIP 5w-40

    I looked at their MSDS . It says, 'Severely Hydrotreated Paraffinic Hydrocarbons' . To me, AGIP 5w40 looks like Group III oil.
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    synthetic oil for BMWs

    I don't what year model your BMW is, but I'd look for BMW LongLife-01 approval mark. The following oils will meet & exceed that requirement: Mobil 1 0w-40 GC 0w-30 I bet there are a lot more than those two, but I can't think of other than two right now. I believe BMW LL-01 requirements are: 1...
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    Motul 8100 X-Cess 5W-40 in a '99 VWAG 1.8T

    What's up with MOTULs' calcium level? It seems that it has less calcium than regular dino oils.
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    10k Delvac 1 no add no filter 4.0 jeep

    Very impressive UOA I see 4.0 Jeep, but what year model? and how many miles on it? I don't see it..
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    Best brake fluid

    I use MOTUL RBF 600 on my rally car. This stuff is really amazing. It gives a rock sold pedal feel. My street vehicle, Trans Am gets MOTUL 5.1. MOTUL 5.1 is Non-Silicon based 100% synthetic fluid and also much much cheaper than RBF 600.
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    Brake Pads

    I agree 100%. Another vote for EBC Greenstuff pad I bought mine from TireRack
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    Most expensive oil out there?

    Check out this WRC Oil 15W-50 . It is made by MOTUL and it carries official Subaru STi approval. However, it is only available in Japan. It looks like $100 USD/4 liter
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    Stainless Steel Exhaust Flanges?

    Who makes stainless steel exhaust flanges? I am trying to build a 2.5" or 3" custom exhaust. I don't care if it is 2 bolt or 3 bolt pattern. 3/8 thickness would be very nice! I hate rusty exhaust systems more than anything else If anyone knows suppliers and their web sites, please post it here...
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    How do you ship oils?

    Anyone? Amsoil guys! Please help me. I really need to ship GC to the winning bidder.
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    How do you ship oils?

    I am trying to get rid of overstocked German Castrol. My local UPS & FedEx are giving me a hard time. They are telling me that I can not ship motor oil becasue it is considered to be hazardous material Is this true or BS? I am wondering how Amsoil dealers ship their oil. Thanks.
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    Motul E-Tech 10-40

    Motorbike, The Topic says 'Motul E-Tech 10-40'. Isn't this Motul 8100 E-tech 0W-40? Not 10w-40 If this is Motul E-Tech 0w-40, it is very interesting to see how much this VOA is different from VOA reported by Ferrari. Ferrari's VOA say no moly and half amount of calcium...
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    motul 300 v

    There is another UOA of 300V 5w-40. I made a mistake on Topic. The Top should've been MOTUL 300V 5w-40, 2002 WRX, 3400 miles Go to;f=3;t=001221#000000
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    BMW 0W-40....Is it synthetic???

    Dr. T, It has to be synthetic. Please go to this link and click BMW. You will see the requirements for BMW Long-Life 01. One of requirements is that Designated Base Oil must be Chemical synthetic oil. I hope this helps.
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    If all auto oils were equal?

    I used a similar stuff called, MotorSilk It is Boron CLS Bond additive like LuBoron. I think LuBoron and MotorSilk are identical since their MSDS data are exactly the same (same stuff in bottles with different labels). I used on my turbo Talon for 2000 miles. Unfortunately, I didn't do UOA...
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    Motul 8100 0W-40, 7K KM, 2001 Prelude VTEC

    Dear Ferrari, No offense here. I wouldn't trust the result since the sample was contaminated Like you said, test this oil again at 10,000 Km.
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    If Oil was free, what would you use?

    I am with Pablo on Euro oils. I'd definately love to try out Ester based MOTUL 300 V. The second choice would be Agip . I remember that Agip was the official lubricant supplier for F1 Ferrari Team. I believe when Schumacher joined Ferrari, they switched to Shell to pay his salary. Also I've...
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    MOTUL 8100 X-cess 5w-40, 2002 WRX,, 3400 miles

    Primus, You are right! Correction!!! It was 300V 5W-40, not 8100 5w-40. 300 V series oils are 100% Synthetic Ester based.
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    MOTUL 8100 X-cess 5w-40, 2002 WRX,, 3400 miles

    I found this UOA from NASIOC (North America Sabaru Impereza Owners Club) forum. I am posting this UOA result with the permission from the original poster, BIGSKYWRX. The first column is UOA. The second column is virgin oil. I am totally impressed with the result . With all thoses Auto Cross...
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    1999 VW Passat 1.8T best oil to use

    Not only I'd look for ACEA A3 rating, I'd definately look for ACEA A3/B3/ B4 The ACEA B4 performance requires an outstanding detergent/dispersent power and a better viscosity increase resistance. Also I'd look for VW 502.00 / 505.00 / 503.01 and Mercedes Benz 229.3 approval marks. I guess my...