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    Elf Excellium LDX 5W-40

    Nice!! What color? Almost makes me want to trade my stage 3 B5....Almost!
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    Elf Excellium LDX 5W-40

    You have an RS4??? A new B7, or an imported and federalized B5?????
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    GC....Summer VS. Winter

    I just did an OC, so I'm down to 44 quarts of Green.
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    GC....Summer VS. Winter

    Not in southwest Ohio!! Where is Grove City? Northern Ohio?
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    got some MY02

    Where in Ohio? Another green GC hunter in the Cincinnati area??
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    "0521" Gold GC

    M0501 was the last of the green. M0502 and later is gold.
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    It was a merry X mas

    I got a $50 gift card from AZ. Time to renew the green hunt !!
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    Audi allroad 2.7T with 22275 miles castrol 5w/30

    I would not put dino oil in my S4 (2.7T) under ANY circumstances. Nothing but a high grade synthetic goes into it's sump. Some people think I'm nuts (the people I work with), but good oil it vital to those two little turbos. Get that dino CRAP out of there!!
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    Short-term change in shift quality with MTL-R

    Molakule, Do you recommend the MTL-R for the Audi 01E 6-speed gearbox, or one of your other lubes? [ December 21, 2005, 12:34 AM: Message edited by: twillet ]
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    Naturally green or is it dyed?

    Thanks. Just what I was looking for.
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    Naturally green or is it dyed?

    vad, Being a noob with this, could you explain the significance of the higher numbers/lower numbers for the items on you list above? Thanks.
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    Hit four more AZ's today in my quest for the green GC.....

    The first two had zilch green, but plenty of gold. The third stop had three quarts of green (1-M02, 2-M04). At the last stop I hit the jackpot, 11 quarts of green (7-M02, 4-M04). All the stores had plenty of M0502+ gold. Todays find puts my green stash at a whopping 44 quarts. BTW, the sale is...
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    I think I have all of you beat...

    dkryan: I have seven quarts of the gold in my 2001.5 Audi S4 (2.7L twin-turbo V-6). The green will go in next spring. So far the S4 likes the gold.
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    I think I have all of you beat...

    You're not too far from me. I'm in Finneytown. I've hit at least a dozen AZ's in town, and have gathered 30 quarts of GC green (all I have found so far). Pretty much all of them had plenty of GC gold on the shelves.
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    I think I have all of you beat...

    Hey, dkryan. Are you the reason it's so hard to find GC green in Cincinnati?? Where in Cincy are you?
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    I need to find Pentosin Pentospeed0W-30 VS!!!!!

    Did you call ECS to see if they can order it for you?
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    GC stash status

    My wife is THE anti-car-person. She just does not get it. Even worse than an Accord, I have to look at the fourth ugliest vehicle made, Lexus RX330, sitting in the garage next to my S4 And she actually loves it.
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    GC stash status

    Going for an S4? You'll love it. I have a 2001.5 B5 Stage 3- S4. Can't think of another car that comes close to it.
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    GC stash status

    101 quarts Are you going for the "King of the Hill" !!!