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    Zero turn experiences?

    Most people love their zero turns. In most cases they are stepping up to a larger, more powerful mower so mowing times should be reduced. I mowed 1 1/2 acres with a Hustler 54" zero turn for a while and then got a John Deere X590 with a 54" deck. To me it seems the John Deere X590 is so much...
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    AutoZone or AAP for new car battery ?

    I switched from Autozone batteries to Interstate batteries and for the past 3 or 4 years have gone to Walmart. The Interstate battery on my Tundra failed early one Sunday morning near Hilton Head, S. C. when I was getting ready to return to Pensacola. I got a ride to Walmart and bought a new...
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    Box Store Riding Mowers in 2024

    I like the way it mows. Mowed with it this morning.
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    Box Store Riding Mowers in 2024

    The 2" hitch receiver was made for a Polaris ATV. I drilled holes in the rear plate of the L100 and in a 3/16" steel plate used as a backing. The L100 plate is sandwiched between the hitch receiver and the backing plate. Super strong and used to pull trailers with or without a ball hitch. I...
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    Box Store Riding Mowers in 2024

    I also have a John Deere L100 bought in 2005 at Home Depot. It also has a dealer sticker. It has 1800 hours of mowing and towing and still runs strong. The 6 bushel bagger fills up pretty quick so I also have a 17P trailer to haul off the leaves.
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    Box Store Riding Mowers in 2024

    I noted in your original post that you wanted a mower to bag leaves in the fall and to pull a small trailer. I'm wondering how this could be accomplished with a self propelled walk behind mower.
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    Stihl Trimmer Hard Start

    I have a Stihl edger, trimmer, blower and a Dirt Boss power washer. They all start very easily on the first or second pull; even the FC55 which is 23 years old. I guess that's why I still by stihl.
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    Outrageous Dealer Add-Ons and Fees - When Will They Learn?

    I bought a new 4RUNNER from Savannah Toyota even though I've never been there. They are 500 miles from where I live. They brought it to my house.
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    Safety violation does not end well, towing a camper

    The door could fly open and you could fall out while it is moving.
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    First cars and their quirks

    I like the car a lot. I've had it about three years and get a thrill every time I get in it. Power, styling (get compliments all the time) and handling are superb. Very comfortable seats, great climate control. I drive in eco mode most of the time (can still spin the tires if you hit the...
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    The continuation of being dumped on in Restaurants needs to end.

    Good restaurant on "The Hill" in St. Louis. Salad and toasted ravioli were my favorites.
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    Lets see the cars!!!!

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    Annoying neighbor

    It seems that if the bed was there long before either of you moved in, it wouldn't be possible to determine who put it there. Perhaps the side on your property "belongs" to him and you could ask him to remove it because you are tired of taking care of it for him.
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    Old water heater add-on heat pump

    The refrigerant they used back then is no longer made. You can probably get it but it's expensive.
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    Should I change belt on zero turn mower?

    You need the correct tool. An impact wrench is a SAFE and easy way to remove the blade bolts
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    Should I change belt on zero turn mower?

    You need the correct tool: an impact wrench.
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    HVAC Air Handler - wiring questions

    This was an absolutely correct reply.
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    18 Year Old Water Heater

    I have 2 of those Rheem water heaters in my house, only the model shows V52. Both 50 gallon made in 2004. No problems so far.
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    Anyone else having a white Christmas this year?

    It's 75 F and the sun is shining in Bagdad, Fl..
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    Do you have a dream car today, on 12/4/23?

    I've had this car for two years now. V8, 470 hp., rear wheel drive, super fast, comfortable. A dream car.