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    What's everyone's take on the 2023 Honda Accord?

    Hey! You shouldn’t talk about a Bitoger’s sister like that!!
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    Ferrari 812 Superfast Oil Consumption

    I would just worry about that kind of oil consumption killing the Uber-expensive catalytic converters…
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    Resurrecting a 1987 F250 IDI Diesel 4X4 Regular Cab Lariat with a verified 17,000 miles on it.

    I will be providing pics and video soon. I’m out of town, so it’ll be a couple of weeks. Thanks, everyone, for all of the great advice and information!
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    Resurrecting a 1987 F250 IDI Diesel 4X4 Regular Cab Lariat with a verified 17,000 miles on it.

    It has been sitting in a field for YEARS. It was last started five years ago. I am the second owner, and I know the original owner. It has a Banks Sidewinder turbo kit. The trans is a C6. Manual locking hubs, BW1356 Transfer Case and a Sterling 10.25" rear axle. The front axle is a...
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    SSD for older desktop

    Originally Posted by Danno SSD will be best speed update for the "puter, no doubt. Make sure you do a OS clean install. I could not agree more! After you replace the HDD with a SSD, you will likely come to the conclusion that you don't need to upgrade the CPU. The OS clean install works...
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    DELO 5W40 Synthetic

    Originally Posted By: userfriendly I put a 1,000 HP NOS & LPG kit on my LML, pull a 10k lb. trailer up 12% grades at 100 mph, with the truck loaded to GVW and run 0W20 TGMO. Awesome!
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    15W30 revisited

    I contacted Chevron regarding the exact NOACK and HTHS numbers for the SD 15W-30, and here is the response I got: Quote: Delo 400 SAE 15W-30 properties as received from technical support: Noack (D5800) 9.7% HTHS (D4683) 3.7 cP
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    using M1 High Mileage... having doubts, switch?

    I'm in the auto repair business. It's quite common for Nissan V6's to develop leaks at the large O-Ring where the oil cooler adapter mounts to the engine block. I would not blame the oil.
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    $160 for Mount and Balance and Valve Stems !

    That tire dealer is very small-minded. We LOVE being a Tire Rack Preferred Installer. It brings us LOTS of new business, and not just tire business... most of these customers become our customers for maintenance and mechanical work, too. Go to and find a five-star rated installer...
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    Lubri Moly MoS2 Can Rinse

    SteveSRT8, Quote: J. William Fulbright Best ET-12.79 @ 111 mph I had no idea that Fulbright was that fast!
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    Documented Results From Switching to Pennz Ultra..

    Originally Posted By: virginoil Only 1,013 miles. What a waste. What have you been reading on BITOG ? You're right. I've been reading the wrong stuff on BITOG. I'm a contrarian. No, I'm not.
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    Documented Results From Switching to Pennz Ultra..

    Originally Posted By: ltslimjim Man...I need to sleep. See? It even helps insomnia!! Truly amazing stuff!
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    20W50 oil OK in Prius?

    5w20, 20w50... what the heck, they're all the same numerals, right? Should be just fine either way.
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    Documented Results From Switching to Pennz Ultra..

    Originally Posted By: jmsjags glad to hear it! how long did you run the factory fill? 1,013 miles. It was agony. As far as mileage numbers, we live up in the mountains and work down in a valley, so our near-100 mile round trip has lots of elevation change - 3,000'. Our round trip average is...
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    2012 Prius C

    Originally Posted By: The Critic You should become an authorized dealer for Reinvolt or Battery Boy and you can see this as a potential profit opportunity. Thanks for the HOT TIP!!
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    Documented Results From Switching to Pennz Ultra..

    My wife says I am now in a much better mood versus when the factory fill was in my Sonata Hybrid. And, I find that I am sleeping more soundly. I'm also losing weight, but that could be due to the Nutrisystem. All in all, Pennzoil Ultra has shown very positive results.
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    2012 Prius C

    I have at least five customers who have over 200,000 miles on their Prii. None has needed a main battery replacement. They are all still getting pretty good fuel economy, as well. One, a 2005 with 211,000 miles on it, averages 49.5 traveling up the mountain where I live and back down to the...
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    Atkinson Cycle Engines & Hybrids

    I have come to the conclusion that the reason most hybrids use Atkinson Cycle engines is that it works like a compression release such as was used on old large single cylinder motorcycle engines - it make the engine easier to start. This would be important because the ICE in a hybrid is...
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    BG MOA

    Michael, I find that MOA gives oil a beautiful red color, and it is great for making borscht. Seriously, I sell BG Products at our shop, and we've sold MOA. Not a lot of it. I do have a customer who had what sounded like a lifter tick, and after adding MOA, the tick eventually (over the next...