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    Solution to Leaky Grease Guns?

    The clear-ish Superlube PTFE grease is the only stuff I've used that doesn't separate and leak out of the gun at least a little bit. Most grease does just by nature. I usually keep the grease gun in a cardboard box with some paper towels to absorb any mess it creates.
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    Delta is buying CS100s from Bombardier

    AFAIK, they'll be only replacing MD-88s for now. The MD-90s aren't going anywhere yet.
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    trailer tire choices? building new trailer.

    True, although fitting wider tires on trailers tends to be a little tougher (and finding wide enough wheels of suitable offset for a trailer may be a challenge in some cases).
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    Excessive Brake Dust

    IMO, pads that don't dust are usually pads that don't work. I'd much rather have pads that last 20k and turn the wheels black as soon as I touch the brakes than have pads that have poor ability to deal with heat or low friction.
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    Running great, using oil

    A quart in 5k is totally insignificant IMO. There are plenty of engines that burn more than that right out of the factory without any issues. Now, if it was an engine that never burned a drop and then suddenly started doing this, I'd worry. But if the rate of consumption isn't changing, just...
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    trailer tire choices? building new trailer.

    Yeah, 16s give much more in the way of choices for LTs. I'd definitely run 16s for a trailer and plan to run LTs. Saves dealing with sketchy trailer tires. The LTs are usually going to be rated for higher speeds too, so no issues with being limited to 65 mph on the highway. If you need lots of...
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    I am done with Discount Tire

    I always prefer to bring wheels in for tire mounting without them attached to a vehicle. Less chances for a screw-up that way. And if that's not an option, if I can't watch them torque the lugs by hand with a torque wrench, they're not touching it and I'm going elsewhere.
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    Delo 400 5w40 available at walmart...

    Last time I needed oil Walmart was out of T6 5W-40 and had the Delo 400 for $20, so I picked up a gallon. Seems to do the job fine in the Jeep so far, although it's really more like 3 quarts of Delo and 2 quarts of leftover T6 in the sump...
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    Explain to me how a thermostat works

    With every t-stat I've dealt with, rated temp is the temp where it starts to open. Fully open is around 15* hotter than that. So a 195* t-stat will start to open at 195 and be fully open by 210, meaning that 210 - 215 is the upper end of the normal range we could expect to see.
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    That American V8 Engine Sound

    When I first put the current exhaust on the Jeep I took it for a drive with a gopro on the rear bumper. Makes some decent noises (skip into the video a bit, there's a WOT rip in there somewhere and a couple of moderate RPM downshifts). It's a mild heads / cam / intake Mopar 360.
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    Bike Ticket: Ran Stop Sign

    Technically, if you weren't first in line at the light, you should have stayed in line and not made the right on red.
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    My new tire buying method is working well

    Be aware, running summer tires too far below freezing can actually crack and damage the rubber as it gets too hard and can't flex. The exact point where this happens varies between tires, but I tend to say right around freezing is the lowest safe temp for an average summer tire.
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    My new tire buying method is working well

    Originally Posted By: supton Originally Posted By: SteveSRT8 Considering the AMAZING improvements over regular all season tires I can't imagine why more folks don't run summer rubber in the climates that permit it. Some of the immediate benefits on my sig car are reduced tire noise, unbelievable...
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    My new tire buying method is working well

    IMO, buying cheap tires or buying tires based on how long they last is downright stupid. You buy a tire based on how it will perform (grip, etc.). If it happens to be cheap or last well, cool. Otherwise, I don't want it anywhere near my vehicles. I've had a couple incidents where if I were on...
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    2017 Ford F150 3.5 EcoBoost

    Originally Posted By: SteveSRT8 Originally Posted By: A_Harman That's a great chart, itguy08. The EB makes more torque up to 4200 rpm than the 6.2, and more torque than the 5.0 everywhere. This means that the EB makes more power at low engine speeds, and probably has more average power across...
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    Titan XD gains gas engine

    Sounds to me kinda like the heavy payload F-150. Still has most of the comfiness and DD tolerability of a 1/2 ton, but is closer in capability to a 3/4 ton (not quite there, but with a lot less sacrifice for those who don't need the full ability of a 3/4 ton).
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    Offset and spacers

    A good bolt-on spacer should be fine. I've had a set of 3/4" bolt on ones from Motorsport Tech on the Jeep for a while now, no issues with them. And it's not exactly babied either.
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    2017 Ford F150 3.5 EcoBoost

    Of course the trucks are slow at high speed Steve. The aerodynamics hurt badly at that point. But at the same time, who cares? It's not going to be driven 100+ anyway.
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    2017 Ford F150 3.5 EcoBoost

    I'm pretty sure the V8 suggestion comes down to MPG. Running the EB flat out in boost all the time might actually return worse mpg than the V8 does (due to the EB likely running richer at high power levels). But in mixed use where you're not always standing on the throttle (or applications with...
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    Why Even Stop?

    Originally Posted By: edyvw Just for info, in Germany where 60% of autobahns do not have speed limit, death rates are 0.79 per million driven miles. In the U.S it is 0.81 per million driven miles with strict speed limits. Culprit behind death rates are mostly elsewhere not strictly speeding...