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    Why doesn't Schaffers oil get more love?

    When you travel to St. Louis, stop at the factory and take a tour! Right near the Arch. I walked around with the founder’s grandson or great grandson (don’t remember). He was in his eighties and rode around on a Cushman scooter. Sharp as a tack, told me about the history of the company, current...
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    RIP. M Emmett Walsh

    Who? “Dickie Dunn” from Slapshot, and other movies as a bit-part actor. Paul Newman “Well, if Dickie Dunn wrote it, it must be true.” RIP
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    Disappearing Brake fluid - can't find leak

    Fast pad wear will lower the fluid level. Before tearing apart parts for non visible leaks, might want to check them.
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    2014 Subaru Forester Oil Weight Recommendation Request

    Choose your oil, and you might want to change the PCV valve as well.
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    Name a thriller that has a Karmann Ghia in it

    Agent 99 in Get Smart. She was a thriller.
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    Proactive replacement to avoid stranding?

    Credit card cell phone and charger
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    Rear sun shade run amok

    2012 Avalon, rear window screen has been opening and closing by its own choice. Activates a claxon when the transmission is placed in reverse, and the noise turns off when the activating switch is depressed. The screen, however, is locked in the full open screen mode. Anyone know how to safely...
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    Subaru Wheel Bearing?

    My Outback had roasted bearings at 55k, and I’ve read of other complaints with similar mileage to mine as well as yours. So, not a surprise if it is wheel bearings you hear. Mine were roaring.
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    Picture of a Molecule

    I’m waiting to see a portrait of a certain favored gentleman from Iowa arrive on this thread.
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    Seen in local thrift store

    Could have been, dunno.
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    Toyota Recalls Highlanders

    MSN reports 751,000 Highlanders recalled for falling bumpers. The geniuses did NOT state the model years.
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    Seen in local thrift store

    “Pay me now, or pay me later”, as the mechanic wipes his hands after installing a new Purolator filter and hopefully oil.
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    Roth IRA fees

    You might want to carefully check withdrawal fees and annual limits (free) to your new Roth IRA custodian, especially if that is an annuity.
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    Denso Aftermarket Radiator

    My Denso replacement radiator for my Subaru came with that same big sticker Made in China. Rock Auto was well priced, I just hope I didn’t make a blunder.
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    Do we know of any OEMs using a specific break-in oil?

    Good luck with the new vehicle. You could sample from the oil filter and send it to the lab if you really are concerned. Personally I would follow the Factory manual and enjoy the new car smell.
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    After cleaning the mag tube, I put 200 rounds of CCI mini-mag through it without a single FTE or FTF. Staggering. I won’t blame ammunition anymore either.
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    Gun had been fired and cleaned, but the magazine tube was probably never cleaned. I don’t think many rounds went through it, and it sat in the original box watching the decades go by.
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    Thanks guys. G96 and LSA here we come.
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    Inherited a Marlin 60 in the box. Vintage 1960s-1970s semi-automatic. Pristine appearance, action was clean, lands and grooves cleaned well from Hoppe’s #9, performed well, but when I cleaned the magazine tube the rust was overwhelming the patch. Three or four runs with Hoppe’s cleaned it, but...
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    Using Leverage - A somewhat Negative Post

    Mola’, I was all set to type Will Rogers’ reply to “using leverage” for finance - “He who borrows what isn’t hiz’n, pays it back, or goes to prison”. Well your picture sure put that into perspective. Take care.