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    Adding Seafoam to crankcase question

    I've been using the Pennzoil Platinum 5W30 in my bmw 330iC & 540i. OCI=5000 miles This is my M54 330Ci engine with approx.114k miles This is my '92 535i M30 engine with 73K miles This is my '01 540i 4.4L V8 passenger side with 50k miles
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    Adding Seafoam to crankcase question

    I saw a video on YouTube by the Oil Motor Geek addressing 'oiladditives' and tge one that got my attention was on Seafoam. He showed that Seafoam evaporated at about 230 F, which is less than the oil temperature when tge motor is running & at operating temperature. This would make It seem...
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    AC Delco UPF63R Bulk Pack

    Did you ever get a clean answer on this? I too bought one off RockAuto, as it listed it for my '17 5.3 V8 Silverado. I don't have any issues that I'm aware of but now see that this filter is for the V6 (Hi Feature V6) per the following: Today's engines have very tight tolerances, multiple oil...
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    Lost cost, spray-on rust prevention

    Blaster Surface Sheild
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    How long to drive between multiple drain/fill to get fluid mixed?

    I too have tge ZF 8 speed in our X5. I do a drain & fill @ 60k, then again at 10-15k. This will refresh your current fluid, to get rid of clutch material particles & replenish due to heat wear on the fluid. If you buy your fluid from FCPEURO, they will honor their lifetime warranty.
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    Why do mower filters have a bigger absolute micron rating?

    Fyi, I too use a car filter on my B&S 21hp engine on my JD mower, a Purolator PL10241, which has same threads & pressure bypass psi. I just remove the filter & pour out the fluid in it & replace it every oil change. These filters are good for 10k miles on a car so 10 hrs a year is nothing.
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    Concerns with full syn rear diff fluid; pinion seal leak?

    If seal starts to leak, add 1oz od AT-205 for each qt of gear oil. Stopped my leak.
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    Automotive batteries in 2023

    If it were me, go to RockAuto & see what they offer in AGM batteries. Best price & warranty
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    Atp 205 in enginefor preventive maintenance

    Interesting idea. I was thinking the same I was thinking the same thing as you. My thoughts are.....all seals that I have replaced in my cars were very hard. like hard brittle plastic. They leack because they are hard, they shrink & allow oil past. I use High mileage oils & they don't seem to...
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    Testing flow of used oil filters

    I most certainly understand & respect your discission. It is a big investment & needs to be taken care of more than most people want to put the money or efforts into. I'm just curious about how oil filters are affected after...say 5000 miles of filtering. Is it 1% or 80% restricted?
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    Testing flow of used oil filters

    I understand your point but that's not what I was looking for or asked info on. I'm just an old engineer curious about oil filter flow rates after 5k-10k miles.
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    Testing flow of used oil filters

    I'm curious, has anyone ever scientifically tested the flow difference on a used oil filter as compared to a new oil filter, to see how much flow is actually affected after 5k or 10k miles? I've read so many threads about guys complaining about "bad" oil filters but have never seen any testing...
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    WM Everstart MAXX Vs Advance and Auto Zone

    You can also buy WM AGM batteries on line & shipped to your home free. Just put an H7 850cca with 4 year replacement in my Silverado for $170 shipped to home.
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    This is why we change our filters regularly

    Yeah, check your mower too!
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    BMW new G2 & G3 Front & Rear Differential fluids question.

    @Titan......can I assume you have the M Adaptive drive system? They take special fluids. Not like our standard 35i xDrive. I was never implying these fluids on this topic were good for M cars. They're a different bread.
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    BMW new G2 & G3 Front & Rear Differential fluids question.

    I used the BMW specified transfer case fluid from FCPeuro. Power Divider oil TF 0870 p/n 83 22 0 397 244. Now they also list a s-TEC -oil005 @ about half the price of TF 0870.
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    BMW new G2 & G3 Front & Rear Differential fluids question.

    FYI, on the BMW repair site, does not list a "reset" after transfer case fluid replacement in their instruction. However, earlier models like the E83 X3 did. I have replaced this fluid in our '15 F15 X5 without reset & all is fine. That was about 15k miles ago.
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    BMW new G2 & G3 Front & Rear Differential fluids question.

    "Lifetime" is a marketing ploy. The maker of the units say different. BMW says Lifetime transmission fluid & ZF says 40-50k kilometers changes. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to see through that disinformation.