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    Which 10w30 - M1 HM or PP?

    Both great oils. I went with PP because it is on a 2 for sale at Oriely.
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    What polish to use before waxing my cars?

    Even if a car is new I would do the following: -Meguires NXT wash -Claybar -Meguires NXT wash - Polish - NXT Tech Wax 2.0 wait 24 hour wax again. From that point on Wash every week and quick detail.
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    Oil recommendation for Lotus

    yup. Penzoil Platinum 5-40 Euro
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    BMW 328i 1999 w/ Elf 5-30W

    Should I care that Iron and Copper levels are above average?
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    1966 426 hemi Charger Oil Recommendation

    Mobile 1 15W-50. It has 1200 ppm of zddp, so you wont wipe that flat tappet cam lobe. If you choose to use an oil with lower zddp content make sure to add some zddp plus.
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    Napa Gold or Motorcraft???????????

    Motorcraft: Overall Length 5.25 inches Overall Diameter 3.66 inches Cartridge Length 4.13 inches Cartridge Outside Diameter 3.44 inches Cartridge Inside Diameter 1.74 inches Cartridge Pleats 49 Cartridge End Cap Type Stamped-steel, with bypass valve in front Anti-Drainback Valve Type Nitrile...
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    Mobile 1 EP 15W-50 VS. Pennzoil Platinum 15W-50

    Originally Posted By: 321 Thanks for the web look!! Under your rocker covers is that a special coating or some kind of paint?? And do you trust it to stay intact? It is a $7 can of duplicolor engine enamel that is good to 1200 degrees. If it gets that hot I can say good bye to my forged...
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    Mobile 1 EP 15W-50 VS. Pennzoil Platinum 15W-50

    What is the difference between 15W-50 and 15W-50 EP? The engine is being broken in on Pennzoil Dino 10W-40. I am just getting ready switch over to syn.
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    Mobile 1 EP 15W-50 VS. Pennzoil Platinum 15W-50

    They actually cary both at Pep Boys. I was just wondering what will offer the best protection.
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    Mobile 1 EP 15W-50 VS. Pennzoil Platinum 15W-50

    In a performance application on a Chevy 383 what oil would be better?Mobil 1 Extended Performance 15W-50 or Pennzoil Platinum 15W-50. The car does not see a lot of miles but is driven hard and sees some good revs.
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    1966 426 hemi Charger Oil Recommendation

    Back when I used a flat tappet cam I used Rotella 15W40 oil. Chevron Delo seems to be another popular option with the flat tappet crowd. The price is good too at $15 a gallon. Add a WIX filter and Filtermag on the side and you will have all the protection you need for that flat tappet cam.
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    I use moly on my a-arm grease fittings and all sttering components. It may be old stuff but holds up great in the long run. Cheap too.
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    OCI based on months in car?

    I have read in different places that you change you oil based on a certain amount of miles or months. Whatever comes first. The milage part I understand, but not the months. The reason I ask is my weekend car does not even see a thousand miles in a year. What happens to low milage oil after year...
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    Where to buy Amsoil?

    I did not realize shipping would be so cheap for a case. Thats not bad.
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    Where to buy Amsoil?

    Where is everyone buying Amsoil at? Is there a retail chain that supplies it? I really would want to pay the shipping on a case of oil.