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    What do people do with these cars? 92k in 295 days

    Originally Posted By: bdcardinal Originally Posted By: electrolover not much on the oil changes in carfax. hope he really got more than that!! id look under the cap for sludge Carfax is garbage in, garbage out. They only list what people report to them. I have seen totaled cars with a clean...
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    An Italian Pickup??

    Ferrari should just change the name. How's Ferrari Brat sound? Put two rear facing plastic seats on the wing!
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    An Italian Pickup??

    If I were Ford I would have rolled with it. Think of the advertising claims! "F150 out accelerates everythang on Earth!"
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    FNH,FNX-9mm OR S&W, M&P 9mm

    ^About the .357 Sig. It's still neat to be able to have that option. Shooting two calibers from one gun with a barrel swap.
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    FNH,FNX-9mm OR S&W, M&P 9mm

    Buy American I bought a Glock and I want the M&P so bad. Threatened to trade off the G23 a few times already on an M&P40.
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    Anyone Using Dial-up Internet?

    Originally Posted By: eljefino Back in the 80s my sister had a 14 year old friend over and she couldn't figure out our rotaty phone. She just stuck her fingers in the little holes, thinking they were buttons. You think she might have seen one in a movie or something... Hmmm... what color was...
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    Deus ex Machina.

    I've always enjoyed your posts Silk! Nice Nice...
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    Snow Shovel - Metal or Plastic?

    I have had a plastic one in the trunk of my car for years. I don't like the metal ones...
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    '11 Mercury Marquis "Ultimate", pleasant surprise

    Originally Posted By: hounddog If you want more power and better handling get a Vic cop car/government car.Better yet get a Gran Marquis Marauder.5.4 SuperCharged.They are rare.Lots of people like them a lot more then a Impala SS. And I thought the Marauder was naturally aspirated!
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    Biggest complaint about focus

    My 08 Focus has four spokes...
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    Nagging suspicion about snow: breaks ye' car!

    Man I always worry about this especially since my car is known for having weak transmission in earlier models... Alas...sometimes you have to rock it a bit... Easy does it. Easy as you can...
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    02 H-D Night Train 1,021 miles! Just bought it!!

    Originally Posted By: GMBoy Originally Posted By: Camu Mahubah Gorgeous! Now it that motor counterbalanced? I dun much when it comes to Harleys... Maybe one day! That would be the Twin Cam 88B motor, which is counter balanced. Only the Softail models got the B motor. The Night Train is a...
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    How cold is it where you are?

    It is 34 degrees as we speak...heat wave! It's gonna get cold again Monday with a high of 18. Every Winter I say I'm moving back to Florida...but I ain't done it yet...hmmm must be the pay cause it sure ain't the setting...
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    My cats

    Yes...evil at night they become...
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    02 H-D Night Train 1,021 miles! Just bought it!!

    Gorgeous! Now it that motor counterbalanced? I dun much when it comes to Harleys... Maybe one day!
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    *Video* Meet The UK's Heaviest Man!

    I have issues with this as I wanna feel sorry for the guy but it [censored] me off at the same time! I was raised terribly so all I can do is say I would not wanna be sitting at the next table at a buffet! If it exploded it would be like a suicide bomber!
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    Do you suck your oil filter?

    STOP SUCKING! I've seen tiny metal shavings in BRAND NEW oil filters alongside assembly lube! And once I heard from a friend who sucks neighbor's uncle's nurse that she found one of these! Suck on these instead...
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    What Oil Do You Use For Frying?

    So I guess I'll need to google Ghee and find out how to make it on my stove...