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    Who makes Mopar Filters?

    Magnetti-Morelli is a brand just like AC Delco and Motorcraft are for GM and Ford. I know MM was shopping around for it's filtration source a few years back.
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    Used FRAM COR3506ACC Cut Open 2002 Olds Bravada Mileage Unk.

    It looks as if the steel core is short or the media is a little tall, so when the filter is assembled the compression of all the parts will put pressure on the pleats with yield/waviness as a result. Pleats near the pleat joint are often goofy lookin' because a machine has to fit in there to...
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    Anyone else pre-soak the filter?

    Originally Posted by ZeeOSix Originally Posted by DudeNiceRide All automotive/truck air filters (not just K&N) are typically measured for INITIAL Efficiency and FINAL Efficiency. Basically the eff of a new filter, and then eff of a filter that has accumulated a cake and thus catches more/smaller...
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    Anyone else pre-soak the filter?

    Originally Posted by UG_Passat Originally Posted by jqgz I picked up this habit from a relative who was an engineer and mentioned that a filter only filters when it's soaked in the media it needs to filter. Anyone else do this? Maybe he's getting confused with K&N air filters. They filter...
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    Changes With Super Tech And Fram At Walmart

    A lot of the US-sold cartridges that aren't top-10 highest volume are imported from Asia and Mexico. Too many different designs, sizes and shapes to tool, handle, package, etc. Really the only folks making aftermarket oil cartridges in the USA are also making OE/OES cartridges and are often...
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    Fram Tough Guard phased out?

    Originally Posted by haggler I recall seeing the new packaging style for tough guard somewhere, I think on this site. The theft problem is real though some of the reviews even say I opened the box and its supertech lol. Fram should seal the box, at least on the ultras. FRAM uses a security...
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    Hyundai OEM Filters - Specific reason for low efficiency?

    Some of the Japanese automakers use really low efficiency oil filters. They put emphasis on clean engine components at assembly, high efficiency intake air filtration, and clean engine performance. Lower eff usually means higher capacity and lower flow restriction. Hence, providing a longer...
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    Stongest Filter Body? 💪

    Baldwin and German-made Mann-Hummel are typically built like tanks. But I agree...that filter is just ASKING to get lobbed off with a rogue log. Relocate it or fab' up a guard for it.
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    Taking suggestions: what oil filters do you want to see cut and posted?

    I order Baldwins on Amazon and ebay for my tractors and wife's SUV.
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    ACDelco Oil filter date code

    11074FF 13:53 11 = 2011 074 = 74th day of year (Julian date) FF = I can't remember this one. Might be a mfg line code and/or shift code. Has to be on the web somewhere. 13:53 = 24H time the filter came out of assembly and got painted. Not nec. when it was "made" but gives mfgers a decent...
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    Subaru 15208AA15A Alternatives

    ^^^^^ What he said ^^^^^ The OES filter has lower efficiency, but higher PRV setting and Subie-spec quality. FRAM XG has best-in-class efficiency & 20k mile OCI, but lower PRV setting. Make a choice.
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    PF64 cut open

    Looks pretty good to me. Nice pleating. Clean. I was never a fan of the legacy e-core design with the poly-fabric ends. I bet GM forced their hand though; got sick of fighting the hate-speech online and on U-toob. I think the corrug. steel columns with the round holes are my favorite. Louvers...
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    Defective / Torn Oil Filter - Champ PH2801 6k miles

    Originally Posted by SubieRubyRoo Originally Posted by DudeNiceRide Secondary failure - looking at the pics. The check valve is LITERALLY right in front of the bypass valve. Get that oil up to operating temp, and that rubber is nice & pliable, meaning those little "feet" on the back of the...
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    Defective / Torn Oil Filter - Champ PH2801 6k miles

    That's technically a "collapse" failure. If the media tears and/or if the center column buckles, it's a collapse. Primary failure mode is poor pleat spacing. Media is really "springy" once it's baked. Sometimes it doesn't like to cooperate. Secondary failure - looking at the pics. The check...
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    New UPF64R Filter

    Originally Posted by PolarisX The new small gas engines launched in the 2016 vehicles use oil filter P/N 12667194. This P/N has been superseded to P/N12670058, then superseded to P/N12674698 (AC Delco UPF64R). Per some technical sales people in the biz, this is how I understood the design...
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    Using different size oil filter than OEM

    Originally Posted by opto_isolator My concern - would there be any issues regarding the physical size difference of each one? I would guess flow rates wouldn't be an issue - correct? Filter won't change the oil flow rate. Depending on the construction, the "smaller" filter may be more...
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    New UPF64R Filter

    Also, "black rubber" doesn't nec. mean it's basic nitrile. There are several different rubber materials and trade names that are basic black in color. Many of the additives that make a better gasket do not have a color. And lot of companies will simply use a bright color to market their material...
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    New UPF64R Filter

    The UPF64R is a much heavier filter. Looking at the shipping weight on Amazon (since i don't have either in my hands), the weights of filters that are "the same size"... - AC Delco UPF64R = 11.2 oz - AC Delco PF48E = 6.4 oz Looks like same design ChampLabs has been using for Ultraguard except...
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    Subaru and 27psi bypass Filter selection

    If valve issues were showing up in warranty, the many brands would change it. But it doesn't. So they don't. And how does one prove the lower-opening PRV tanked an engine as long as said lower-opening PRV was functioning properly (i.e. didn't starve engine of oil and didn't fall apart)?? Again...
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    Subaru and 27psi bypass Filter selection

    Unless the Subaru manual or some other service bulletin claims the 27psi valve is required (and lists the test method & parameters & reasons with data), your vehicle doesn't need it. You're splitting hairs. The anal retentive powertrain engineers just want the filter filtering as much as...