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    North Korea dropping balloons with garbage on South Korea

    It's a response to SK sending items over via balloon.
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    So I Washed It!

    Even with that distasteful "M" sticker that "Indiana Crimson" car looks great. ;)
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    Chinese EV models

    It has always been about the environment but what you have to keep in mind is that there has been a lot of infighting going on between the "greens" and the "unions" as the "greens" are extremely frustrated over the high cost of current EV's. The party needs voters from both segments so the...
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    Left Eye Dominant, right handed techniques.

    And I thought I was the only one.
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    Tesla Being Examined for Possible Securities and Wire Fraud

    Birds of a feather. Per WSJ today "Donald Trump and Elon Musk have discussed a possible advisory role for the Tesla leader should the presumptive Republican nominee reclaim the White House, the latest sign that the once-frosty relationship between the two men has thawed." "It was a family...
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    Inflation of common items since 2021

    Capital is not the same as reserves. A link on bank Capital: KS FED In practice when a loan is created the bank looks for reserves rather than the other way around. Remember reserves are just to insure the bank has sufficient cash to meet a certain degree of depositor demand. Banks can buy...
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    Inflation of common items since 2021

    Ya in response to the 2008 meltdown the Fed exchanged cash for MBS they kept the banks from lending it out by paying interest on their deposits. I'm talking about fractional reserve lending. Reserves don't restrain the amount of lending but rather it's the amount of capital a bank retains...
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    Inflation of common items since 2021

    Fractional reserve banking really doesn't exist. Bank lending is constrained by capital not reserves. IIRC banks in the UK and Australia don't have reserve requirements. Just a thought. The money goes back to the treasury and vanishes. It's an accounting entry after all. As I understand...
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    BYD 1,000 mile range PHEV

    Per WSJ BYD is launching two new sedans with a 1,000 mile range. " Chinese automaker BYD is rolling out cars capable of driving more than 1,300 miles without refueling or recharging, its latest effort to set itself apart from rivals in the world’s largest auto market. The world’s biggest maker...
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    Inflation of common items since 2021

    On top of that it's not even currency. It's a money substitute or "credit money" which is payable in currency. IIRC the amount of credit money in the system exceeds the amount of physical currency by a factor of 100. $2.3T in US currency in circulation worldwide. $34T US govt debt. $235T...
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    Inflation of common items since 2021

    I don't think you understand how MMT is supposed to function. Under MMT taxation is used to reduce the money supply rather than via The Fed. Under MMT there would be no longer be Treasury bonds. There would no longer be a Federal Reserve as we know it today. MMT is very similar to how...
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    Inflation of common items since 2021

    Well in their defense there are some assumptions. The primary one being that the country has a closed economy. The US could function as a closed economy.
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    Inflation of common items since 2021

    One of the biggest blind spots with MMT is the assumption one can know what prices should be. That's impossible. The other blind spot is that they can gather enough information in real time to immediately determine when to raise/lower taxes. That's currently impossible.
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    Haas F1

    Ya know Hulk signed with Audi
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    U.S. Gasoline Requirements Map

    That's an old map. Anything newer? Atlanta is no longer on the list.
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    Inflation of common items since 2021

    One currency wouldn't be so bad really but it'll never happen because bureaucrats would have too much difficulty tilting the scales for favored groups.
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    Inflation of common items since 2021

    COVID Relief: Trump Administration helicoptered over $2T. Biden Administration helicoptered $1.9T. Direct payments to taxpayers from both administrations combined totaled $814B Injecting currency into the economy is inflationary. Federal reserve brought rates to zero on an inflation adjusted...
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    New Porsche Hybrid ups the bar

    I think you're right. They must have scrapped the electric turbo. I swear a decade ago I read they were going to use 1 electric.
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    New Porsche Hybrid ups the bar

    I wonder to what degree this turbo will be shared with the new PU for Audi F1?
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    New Porsche Hybrid ups the bar

    Or BMW with the tri-turbo M550d