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    Parts made in China on my 03 Honda CRV

    Originally Posted By: Kool1 Yup I changed the water pump twice and it's very difficult to access it on this vehicle. The water pump is almost wedged in near the fenderwell. You must work from both the top and bottom of the vehicle and have very small hands. Whoever engineered the placement of...
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    corolla rental

    Originally Posted By: OVERKILL Are certain types of car owners supposed to have a specific look to them? It seems so. BMW owners are commonly compared to a select few bodily parts.
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    corolla rental

    Originally Posted By: OVERKILL I said majority, not everybody. I'm sure there are exceptions but the majority of people are not car enthusiasts and don't know their car has an oil spec in the manual, don't know the COO of the tires they are using....etc. They drop it off at Jiffy Lube for an oil...
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    Short Trip Driving = Oil Pan Sludge & Muck

    OP, you got me so excited with the thread title: "Short Trip Driving = Oil Pan Sludge & Muck" I was expecting to see oil plan sludge and muck, with professional quality photos. - The extra 8 miles is a waste - If you're doing an extra freeway drive every week solely for a warm up, then it's...
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    The Man in the High Castle

    I didn't even realize this was it's own genre, but yeah this concept has always intrigued me. I think it does very well as a plot device within an existing science fiction story eg Star Trek has done this several times. It will be interesting to see if an entire movie about an alternate...
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    Top Tier Gas Again

    Best bet is to go with Costco. Their system means that not only are you getting the additive, but it's been properly mixed. Read this from 2004. Originally Posted By: fuel tanker man I've been in the petroleum...
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    Fram TG & Ultra

    Originally Posted By: kschachn Just to be clear though, all three will trap the particles.
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    Mixing different brands

    I would be comfortable mixing coolant if they are manufacturer approved for the same application.
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    Battery maintainer question

    Originally Posted By: OVERKILL I just ordered this puppy: Based on the other thread. Hope to keep the Charger's battery good this winter without having to disconnect it. Don't know what kind of deal you got on that but a few dollars more gets you...
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    gun-control logic applied in auto-reverse

    Originally Posted By: madRiver Originally Posted By: Nyati Why is a gun evil but not a car? They are both inanimate objects. Very simple to many. Primary purpose of gun is to kill while vehicle primary purpose it transport you to wherever safely..... This "inanimate object" argument is so...
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    Battery maintainer question

    Originally Posted By: HTSS_TR I'm very sure Pro-Logix is a great charger/maintainer(after reading 901Memphis' review). The concern I have is it may consume excessive power in maintainer mode, the tiny maintainer I have uses less than 10W(about 6-8W) in maintainer mode. I don't drive my S2000...
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    gun-control logic applied in auto-reverse

    Originally Posted By: ZeeOSix Originally Posted By: kschachn Originally Posted By: ZeeOSix Originally Posted By: turtlevette The founding fathers did not specifically include the right to own and ride a horse. It was something absolutely necessary for survival and was an assumed right. The...
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    Florida cop shoots dog

    Originally Posted By: pottymouth What kind of irresponsible person opens the door without first restraining the dog? I'm as much a dog lover as you are likely to find outside of a cult. I also appreciate that many people don't like or are even terrified of dogs. My dog never leaves my property...
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    gun-control logic applied in auto-reverse

    I wasn't meaning to come back to this thread, but found an interesting article about how police departments are now selling guns. In some cases, they are ending up in criminal hands, apparently through gun shows. Quote: In another troubling case, a police officer was behind a scheme that...
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    Consequences for not paying a medical bill

    Originally Posted By: NHHEMI How was it underhanded? Seems to me if you were as diligent as you claim you would have verified insurance would have covered it before agreeing to any tests/procedures. You could have looked in your policy or asked specifically at the doctors but you didn't. You...
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    Consequences for not paying a medical bill

    I disagree. The American way is to perform tests that are not in fact recommended by the medical associations while falsely claiming that they do follow those recommendations, to perform the actual tests in an underhand manner that conceals the fact that it is a separate billable item, and then...
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    Effectiveness of EXCEEDING Top Tier

    The top tier additives are the same as those in complete fuel system cleaners. The top tier dosage has been tested as the concentration required for keep clean. Anything in excess of that will clean existing deposits but very very slowly. The difference between the dosage in ANY top tier gas...
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    Denatured Alcohol -Added to fuel to pass emissions

    Try Techron fuel system concentrate. Get through an entire tank, then retest.
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    Special kind of jerk.

    Originally Posted By: HTSS_TR Originally Posted By: ZeeOSix Originally Posted By: GiveMeAVowel ZeeOSix is in denial as are most motorcyclists, never admitting that bikers are often times just as negligent if not more so than the typical motorist. Every day I drive, I see more idiot car drivers...
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    gun-control logic applied in auto-reverse

    Originally Posted By: Astro14 TV - you proved my point: the background check system FAILED to catch Seung-Hui Cho. It failed because of privacy laws and the failure of the state to report his medical condition to NICS. The law does not require states to report the information. Requiring them...