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    Is Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 5/30 Now HTO-06 Spec Approved?

    I am just running into this as well with HTO-06 I've been digging and digging and I think this thread has INCORRECT information. I cannot find any specification that superseds the HTO-06. One person is correct in that it was GF5 testing plus the hot tube test on used oil. But without that part...
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    Which HM oil for swelling rubber seals?

    Thank you. I honestly don't think the Mobil 1 has much if any seal conditioners. Not knocking Mobil 1 at all, I have used a lot of it. Just saying on the seal conditioner. I will check with Pennzoil and see if the HM surpasses the old HTO-06 specs for use in this engine. That is probably moot...
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    Which HM oil for swelling rubber seals?

    Yeah the critic posted a link to the repair which if you go down through it and can see the pictures you get a decent idea of the job. It's not overly complex. It's just there is no room to get at, get on, and turn the top 2 bolts, and when you do you can barely turn them, and then you gotta do...
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    Which HM oil for swelling rubber seals?

    I've done this job on a friends RDX and it sucks. Yes it's fairly straight forward, 4 bolts, 2 seals. But when you go to remove and install the top 2 bolts, umm not so much. To say the top 2 bolts aren't fun is an understatement. CV axle is in the way among other things and it's one of those...
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    Which HM oil for swelling rubber seals?

    I hate to even ask this. But I have an Acura RDX turbo which has a oil weeping problem at the oil filter housing rubber seals where the filter holding housing mounts to the block as a separate part. If I could choose, I would rather replace the rubber seals at this oil change. But it's not...
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    Motorcycle Brakes Squishy Overnight

    I'll second that. I had this issue with a race machine. Sometimes it could be so bad that first grab of the lever was no brakes. Interestingly, I started pre-race checking it, and started removing the reservoir cover and bladder. Pump a couple of times and they were firm. But then somewhere in...
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    Mobil 1 10/40 racing oil vs Mobil 1 20/50 V twin ?

    Either one is fine. I personally prefer the 15w50 Mobil One in motorcycles. I buy the 5 quart jugs and it's a lot cheaper per quart.
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    Started bike without oil

    Depends on the oil used previously is my answer. My friend loaded his race machine in the truck, took it to the track, rode it to the start line. Fired up and raced about a lap and a half of a cross country race before the engine failed (12-15 miles). Brought it here like I don't know what...
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    Mobil 1 0w40 European?

    I have a 450cc racing ATV... turns 11k RPM... shares oil for all, engine-trans-wet clutch. And this engine is a cam/bucket setup too, friction not roller. When I first bought it I broke it in on OEM oil but noticed that after a few hours a machine that was a really phenomenal shifter became...
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    Any one use Hiflo oil filters?

    They are as good a motorcycle filter as I have found so far. They make K&N and many other brands including some OEM. About any motorcycle filter you find with red media is made by them. Maybe there are better ones out there, I don't know... But I am generally a Wix user, but my local guy...
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    15w50 Mobil 1 5qt jug (where?)

    What happened to the 5 quart jugs of this oil? I can't find it anywhere. I emailed mobil 1 about it and they just sent me a reply to call them? This has been a bargain for me that has worked well for my application... so I am rather frustrated about the prospect of paying $10 qt for it when I...
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    Maxum 4 Extra or Mobil MX4T?

    "Red Cap" was the slang term for 15w50 Mobil 1. It used to have a red cap while the other ones did not. It is excellent if you can find it now... and you have to watch because there are like 3 formulas of it now... standard no-longer red cap, extended performance, and a brand new race oil full...
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    UNI, S&B or AEM? (offroad)

    Well, I found different oil for the K&N. Plus I found a few more filters as well... To be honest, I like the AEM idea in a way. Seems like it would filter very well... And on the one hand a car sized filter should flow plenty for a bike. However, I keep thinking there is another part of...
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    UNI, S&B or AEM? (offroad)

    Originally Posted By: bigmike What about a K&N filter wrap? Think that would help? Well, the trouble with those is, they pass the same dust as the filter. Well I take some of that back, they filter away larger particles that the filter will actually...
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    UNI, S&B or AEM? (offroad)

    OK, this is for an off road clamp-on application. Single cylinder bike motor... K&N passes dust... I can see it in my intake... Brand new, factory oiled, one short ride. It passes dust, end of story. Maybe some tacky filter oil would stop that? I don't know... So anyways, there is my 3...
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    SuperTech 20w50

    Anyone have any info on this stuff? What I have here is API SM On the bottom of the bottle it has.... 04311612-1 514 06 WNE Like the synthetic has Wpp on it for Warren Performance Products.
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    M1 15W-50 good for Heat , as well as in Winter?

    M1 15W-50 good for Heat , as well as in Winter? Yes, it is good for heat if your engine can use it. Good for winter... not real winter like some parts of the US have. Me, I live in North Carolina and I run it in my ATV year around. I have cranked it after a snow at around 20° F with no...
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    Maxima 530MX

    FINALLY!!!! Someone else who can tell at the shifter when it is time to change oil. My KFX450R kills most oils very quickly from the feel of the shifter... and after an oil change it's superb again. I went through a lot of oil, moving up in price and viscosity... I now run 15w50 Mobil 1 and...
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    15w50 Mobil 1 (ok down to what temp?)

    What does this specification even mean?
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    15w50 Mobil 1 (ok down to what temp?)

    Well, I got caught by a mild winter going in, and then BAM.... Yep, a foot of snow. So the I still had the 15w50 in there. Since that was the case, I took a chance on turning the engine over. It seemed to do just fine to me down in the lowest temperatures I will ride in. It didn't turn over...