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    Suggestions for a quality fluid extractor ?

    EWK extractor was cheaper than the MityVac on Amazon. Can either be used manually, or hooked up to an air compressor.
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    BEST Oil Filter for 2020

    Fram Ultra. Best efficiency and lasts for 2 OCI on most vehicles. You can even find the professional version clones (Fram Pro Synthetic) for cheaper on eBay.
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    Air filter maintenance

    Car air filters can go 30,000-40,000 miles between changes. Why do you think a lawn mower filter would get clogged every couple hours?
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    Issue with Verizon wireless, in collections but never had service.

    Originally Posted by Trav Make sure they don't ding her credit score. It's already affected her credit score if it's in collections. She will need to get them to remove the collection account off the credit report.
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    Carquest is H I S T O R Y

    Looks like Carquest still has a monthly sales flyer showing on their website. Doesn't look like anything is changing that hasn't already. Advance Auto actually sells a lot of Carquest branded auto parts now.
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    Lawn spreader

    Originally Posted by ARCOgraphite I gave up on that putting down commercial, toxic waste all over the grass., I just walk around with a sack and a cup and toss the chicken or shovel and turn cow manure in the fall. But that's in the garden the "lawn" gets what nature gives it Gee, wonder why we...
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    Lawn spreader

    Echo RB-60 is going to be your least expensive with pneumatic wheels. Can get it on Amazon or pick it up at Home Depot/ Lowe's. I must say, Scotts has excellent customer service though. So if you aren't worried about the plastic wheels, you won't go wrong with a Scotts DLX or Elite either.
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    Furnace filters

    I buy 6 packs of MERV 11 filters on Amazon and my thermostat reminds me via email to change them out every 2 months. Haven't had any furnace issues since we moved in.
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    eBay Fram Ultra Problems?

    Like another poster mentioned, purchase from seller tc14jr. I have purchased 2 sets from that seller in the past and they all arrive in new condition. Another pro tip- you can get a pack of 6 of the Fram Pro Synthetics (Fram Ultra clone) from that seller for $24. There's your $4 filters.
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    First time doing a "full" detail

    Quick tip... try the Meguiar's Ultimate Wash and Wax. As long as you wash your car more frequency you will be able to skip the extra waxing step.
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    Ford will only sell Mustang, Focus Active in N.A.

    Would be nice to see more wagons for those of us that still value a sporty ride with our extra space.
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    I'm stumped ...

    We have a serious problem in this country with gun deaths. But let's not actually try to DO SOMETHING about it. Instead we'll just act like everything is all hunky-dory and divert attention elsewhere. This thread reminds me of a little kid that gets caught doing something wrong by their parents...
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    Kuhmo Sells To Doublestar

    Kuhmo only sells one line of tires that I ever see anyone buy and that's Solus.
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    I think the feel of leather and vinyl seats sucks

    The cloth seats in both Focuses are itchy. The leather in the Golf is blissful. Not to mention if anything spills in the Golf I can just wipe it away. I have to disagree with you.
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    2019 Nissan Altima introduced.

    Originally Posted By: KrisZ IDK, I'm not a typical Nissan buyer, but I kinda like it. What makes one a "typical buyer"? A credit score under 600 and no $ down! I kid, but Nissan Altimas are used pretty often for subprime car loans. The styling on this new Altima is pretty bland. I don't know...
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    Whats the best free antivirus program as today?

    Windows Defender comes built-in nowadays. That's all you need.
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    Mattress in a box. Experiences. Suggestions.

    Was originally shopping the Casper mattress, but based on reviews of others we ended up getting a Tuft and Needle for even less $. Has been amazing so far, and I will 100% purchase my next mattress delivered in a box. Tuft and Needle and Casper both have good reviews from Consumer Reports.
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    New to Cartridge Filters

    Hey all, Just bought a new 2018 VW Golf Sportwagen. This is my first time using cartridge filters and it's harder getting information on efficiency. Between the Fram CH11784, Purolator L28161, and Napa/Wix 100024, which would have the higher efficiency? These seem to be the only readily...
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    Why no love for QS?

    Originally Posted By: FermeLaPorte I only buy oils that are owned by American companies. Qs and Pennzoil are inferior products to Mobil or Valvoline and are owned by a Dutch-British company, meaning their profits don't end up here in America. My two cents. What an outdated train of thought...
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    Valvoline's "Anti-Glug" Technology

    The 5 qt jugs are hard to pour without spilling the first little bit. This will be a welcome addition. I don't usually purchase Synpower though, so hopefully this will catch on with the other brands.