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    Welded receiver tube

    It's F150, previously with tow hooks, so it has a bumper place, trim, frame holes, bolt and nuts - everything except a HF receiver tube. I went practical - seam up the bolthead would ride poorly on the inside weld, so seam down the bolt head rides on a flat, formed section. DONE!
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    Welded receiver tube

    Bolt from bottom will go through to frame above. Weld up or down?
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    Welded receiver tube

    Seam is 90* from lateral pin holes. Will get holes for bolts to frame and holes for bolt head acsess. Which side get which? Welded seam to frame, smaller holes, clamped to frame OR Access holes in welded side, smaller holes in formed side, bolts in there to clamp to frame. Will way is stronger...
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    Which vehicles require rotate caliper piston

    And that may freeze - cable to jacket.
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    Texas bill that introduces $200 fee on EVs to fund roads just passed

    I'm VA, own a ?ULEV/high mpg Hyundai - and paid on those known liars' mpg as published.
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    Why can't a website just tell you your password instead of resetting it?

    It would be reasonable to remind of the rules before reset (during error), like 1 cap, 1 lower, 1 number, 1 special. I know what password I use based on which rules....
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    Need a new Over the Range Microwave

    Above your outstretched arms is a horrible place for something really hot. Get a real hood (1 level up is a big difference) and a counter/cart microwave.
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    Trooper recommends dash cameras

    You know, maybe it's my age, but I get annoyed, and still cannot rationalize hard 'brake checking'. I can think of much safer ways to mess 'back' with someone.
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    Trooper recommends dash cameras

    I bought a Challenger, quickly saw how many kids wanted to show off in front of that compared to my Camry. I have a single, 2 camera Blackvue system, with 2 cameras and no display (uses the phone by Wifi.) Very discrete. In the Challenger (DD), I have it wired to a switch that selects battery or...
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    Observations driving I-95 to JAX, FL

    I drive similar, often for 50 years now. I can remember: When it seemed like SC didn't understand 'interstate', every car lot or side street could have a driveway on interstate. Now Virginia has gotten almost as bad, letting any contractor establish a parking lot where ever they chose. The first...
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    Fees to dispose of yard waste?

    We pay, unless there is an event, then a short window. I predict 'brown spaces' required for single family residences within 15 years - as 'green waste' is such a high percentage by volume.
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    What parts to stock?

    Based on the cars you named, do you actually off road at a distance from commerce? That would affect what I would have to carry along, in those cases. (I have an ignition/sensor and the like kit for the Durango - for the national forests and OBX.)
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    Talk of "Carolina Squat" being banned in South Carolina

    You may notice I'm the third entry, second response. And I said: "I see no reason supplied..." not that I had thought it through AT ALL, but at that point, having read through so far and looked at the links, I saw NO REASON SUPPLIED - exactly as stated. (I also know that in my state the...
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    Talk of "Carolina Squat" being banned in South Carolina

    I see no reason supplied as to why it is unsafe - sounds like "We don't like it". If big guys can do whatever they want - how on earth did open exhaust get through DOT/NHTSA ? - why not little guys? Odd they want to pretend they're actually performing work with their trucks!
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    Question for electricians?

    Based on what I know about the logic of NEC - any size listed box - they go to what, 4 gang? That said, for wood framing, makes more sense to add screws through box and into stud. Some boxes have that spot cast in.
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    Acetone Vapor Polishing Headlights

    What is the process?
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    2014 Elantra Coupe

    Here was my thinking.... Either: 1 There is a problem, though low percentage, and someone (Hyundai tech?) would actually know. or 2 They are great engines, and software applied to everyone JIC, as it's only consumers' (multiple consumers, with possession) time!
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    Do 'S Plurals and other 'S Mayhem Bother You?

    I'll bite - if I were to write "How many yes's are on the board?" I think everyone would understand. What is correct?
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    Actually Had A Good Experience At Jiffy Lube

    I'm in VA - our outgoing governor almost got rid of inspections, after we went extra months for covid anyway, then the backup all due the next month (DOH!) In our area: They are yearly. They do nothing for actual smoking cars. You can skip them after 25 years (?). I do not like them, just a...