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    LMC Truck

    They are legitimate. I've bought parts (reproduction) for my vintage Ford from them.
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    '19 Suzuki S40...oil weight & oci ???'s

    Ah, the Suzuki Savage! At the mileage you stated, change it once per year. 10w40 or 20w50 would be good choices in this machine.
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    Fram Endurance FE10575 C&P

    How were the louvers in the center tube?
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    Bosch Premium 3323 Cut Open

    So, which oil filter is the darling of BITOG these days?
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    What gasket for 2014 f150 2wd Differential.

    There are two rear ends possible an 8.8 or a 9.75. You can tell the difference by the shape of the rear cover. This is an 8.8. This is a 9.75.
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    What gasket for 2014 f150 2wd Differential.

    I really like the LubeLocker reusable gasket.
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    75W-90 Synthetic WITHOUT Limited Slip Additive - Mobil Delvac?

    Summit sells it cheaper by the quart.
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    Mobil FS 5W-30 1Quart (6 Pack) $19.27 Amazon

    This deal is back at $19.51 for 5W-30.
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    Plugged Heater Core on a 2.5 Year Old Truck?

    Some newer vehicles require a special machine to purge all the air out of the cooling system. Air trapped in the heater core would do what you described.
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    Looking for advice on gas air compressors.

    If you are going to put some major hours on it, get a Champion. Saylor-Beall also makes a good unit.
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    Can I top off a diesel with gasoline oil?

    OP's screen name has me ROFLMAO
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    What Car for your Driver’s Exam

    1978 F-150
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    I've used them a couple times recently. They don't leak and that's all I know since I don't cut them open afterwards.
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    Gotta bunch of Champ XLs

    Here is what they look like in PH500XL
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    Popular Science - April 1976 on Synthetic oil

    I'm also skeptical about high compression not requiring premium fuel when using synthetic oil.
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    Synthetic oil in an air compressor

    If you put detergent motor oil (like what you'd put in your car) in your air compressor, it will turn milky looking. You want to run a non detergent oil. For home use, it doesn't matter if it is conventional or synthetic.
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    What do 135/70R15 tires fit?

    Smart car or air cooled VW?
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    Post your latest E0 purchase

    $4.70 per gallon for E0 $4.29 per gallon for E10 Okmulgee, Oklahoma
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    Wix 51348

    What does the center tube look like?
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    Need new air compressor.

    There are compressor shops that can swap the compressor head and motor onto a new tank for you.