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    7500 miles on oil and TBN of 7.1

    Hey guys, what about Zinc and Phosphorous? What is their role in motor oil? Also, besides TBN and contamination, what else do I need to look at in order to know if my motor oil is still ok to use?
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    7500 miles on oil and TBN of 7.1

    Well that sucks. But even if the TBN has some error in it, I'm sure overall it still would show if your oil is good or not. Unless you're towards the bottom where the the error could be the difference between good oil or bad oil. I would post my wear results but I don't have them. I blew it...
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    7500 miles on oil and TBN of 7.1

    Got my TBN results today from Blackstone Labs. 7500 miles on Mobil Delvac 15w-40 dino oil in the truck in my sig. 70% of those were city miles. Majority of time, engine reached full operating temp on each cold start. TBN came back at 7.1! Comment from Blackstone: "The TBN for this sample was...
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    What are the units of TBN??

    Thanks Tom NJ for the link. Some good info in there. The conductance method to determine TBN is a clever idea!
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    What are the units of TBN??

    Yea, I plan on titrating it with a strong acid, then doing calculations to get the final units of mg KOH/g sample.
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    What are the units of TBN??

    Thanks. I'm going to try to figure out the TBN of an oil sample. We'll see if it works.
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    Stay Away From truck "Leveling Kits"

    It's the same as lowering cars. In most cases it ruins the suspension geometry so bad that it's not worth it imo.
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    What are the units of TBN??

    Ok cool... So motor oil has KOH in it?? Or is it equivalents of OH that you need to convert to mg KOH?
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    What are the units of TBN??

    Hi, when you get a TBN analysis, what unit is it reported in? Is it pH? Molality?
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    Whats the final on synthetic in the differentials?

    I like running synthetic in the diffs and everyone I know with my truck thinks the same. I think it came from the factory that way.
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    Is this oil too old?

    Just curious... wouldn't the Rotella 15w-40 be too thick for a bike?
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    Doug Hillary's Books

    Wow, nice to have such qualified people on here!
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    Half An Inch

    HOLY [censored]! That's simply amazing!
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    Will castrol Edge help me get more chicks?

    It'll definitely help you get more chicks. You'd be like the "high roller" at Wal-Mart.
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    any advantages to low-profile tires/bigger wheels?

    The "downside" to plus sizing is that most people end up with wheels that stick out 3" from the side of the car.
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    Decomposition of motor oil

    Motor oil is not biodegradable like vegetable oil. It won't decompose. After all, it's been in the Earth for millions of years before we pulled it out!
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    HID xenons

    I love HIDs... Not the ghetto 6000K+ temps though.
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    HID kit for Acura MDX

    Originally Posted By: Buffman wcbcruzer generally the bulbs are fine, it's just the ballasts I would question on a cheaper kit . In a perfect world a retro would be ideal, but most people don't have the time or skills to want to do one. Most of the time it is the ballast, but I don't see how...
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    The Saturn's Radiator "Exploded"

    Originally Posted By: Johnny Just be glad it did not let go while your Mom was driving it down the road. That happened to us on one of our cars. Ended up frying the engine. lol...
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    How many of you change the oil when hot?

    I guess I'm the oddball but I usually change it cold. The night before I'd park the car in a way so it's ready to get worked on in the morning.