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    Oil type for pressure washer pumps

    Maybe because it had the best information pertaining to my question, so why not rather than start a new one?
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    Havoline Pro DS Synthetic

    $22.99 with a microgard at Oreilly right now, hard to beat 4.60 a piece not including the filter
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    Oil type for pressure washer pumps

    Interesting, I ordered the pump oil but already have the IR compressor oil on the shelf. Hmmmmm
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    Too rich on the Amsoil Sabre ?

    Ok, thank you. What's dropbox ?
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    Too rich on the Amsoil Sabre ?

    Enough to keep it wet not enough to drip. I don't like it leaking though esp in my basement
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    Too rich on the Amsoil Sabre ? Its a model 22T
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    Too rich on the Amsoil Sabre ?

    I had forgotten it wasnt just that simple to add a picture here. long story short my shindiawa trimmer looks like its leaking oil out of the exhaust and the part where the lines exit the tank is seeping fuel.
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    Too rich on the Amsoil Sabre ?

    This doesnt look right at all, also would the parts be very expensive to fix this fuel leak ?
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    Two women already camping out to save $300 on TV

    Fixed income ~~~~ takes a month off to camp on a sidewalk. 'Merica ! ! Smh
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    Tough older guy shoots home invaders.

    where can I get one of those do not knock signs ? I like that.
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    Avalanche power steering cooler

    I have a small pile of them from a junkyard run. You might have to give $10 for one there.
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    2015 Colorado youtube

    Looking forward to driving the dmax version
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    ella5w40 rotella t6 for gas engines

    Trim your stock down to 2. A good 5w30 and the t6 for the jasoMa spec.
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    Spare tires!!!!

    You have to love the older ford carriers = not
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    Auto Zone Experience

    Originally Posted By: 01rangerxl There are still many people who think Pennzoil "make a wax in the motor." That one is just best left alone. . Same response I get when I mention using Schaeffers. One guy at work gets all offensive saying "that junk has moly in it, you know moly is grease...
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    Garage Door Maintenance - cleaners and lubes?

    I've used GDL it works well for the most part but my upper garage door is still noisy
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    Just purchased a reconditioned Hobart handler 190

    Where do youfind recoditioned units? Decent cost savings over new ?
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    semi-hypothetical home question

    Originally Posted By: spasm3 Is the home in its current state, priced where first time home buyers could afford it? If so leave it as they would prefer to buy low and are looking for things they can do themselves. If its already out of first time home buyers pricing then it is risky, updating...
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    Oil for tired '98 5.7 vortec?

    Mine has 232k the PO used 1030 in winter and 1540 summer. I've used 1040 but am about to go back to the 5 or 1030 since I have just 1 small leak I'm about to fix and it doesn't use any oil I've noticed.