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    T6 5w40 vs Pennzoil Plat Euro 5w40

    I did not see Rotella T6 in that video at all. Why did you label that example on the left as being Rotella T6 ?
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    PP 0W20 vs M1 AFE 0W20

    What oil were you coming from?
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    PP 0W20 vs M1 AFE 0W20

    Yep. M1 AFE 0W20 always has good UOA's. I use it on all three of our vehicles but sometimes it's not available so I get PP 0W20 instead. I've always wondered if the PP might actually be a little better especially since it has that "natural gas" base oil. That and it seems like the times I...
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    PP 0W20 vs M1 AFE 0W20

    PP 0W20 vs M1 AFE 0W20 Which one do you like better and why?
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    Most Satisfying Part of an Oil Change

    The most satisfying part of doing my own oil change is knowing the job is done properly. I don't need to trust that some grease monkey didn't screw something up like strip the drain plug or put the wrong oil in. Or worse never did what I paid for. That last one happened to me back in the old...
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    Defeated auto stop / start on my 2021 Traverse

    Probably that way because mechanics would not want the engine shutting off when working on it with the hood up. Makes sense.
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    Buick dealers giving up franchises

    I always thought GM screwed up when they kept Buick but ditched Pontiac and Saturn.
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    2 cycle oil type

    My old Weedeater motor went bad . Not sure if it was directly related to the use of TCW3. So now I don't take chances. I'm running TC in my new Huskvarna trimmer.
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    2 cycle oil type

    The risk is that marine 2 stroke oil is intended for 2 stroke motors that are water cooled and therefore run cooler. Air cooled 2 strokers such as your new blower are supposed to run oil specifically formulated for that. IMO, you should use Poulan's oil till the warranty period ends then...
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    Another Delete Shop Gets Nailed

    You don't have to be "rolling coal" in a diesel to be obnoxious, or should I say "noxious". Every time my wife and I go driving somewhere a diesel truck will be in front of us polluting the air badly. It does not bother me as much as my wife. She loses it and demands I immediately put the air on...
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    Recent gas price increase. On Tuesday it went up 32¢. Has yours

    Oddly, gas prices around here have been going down. My wife got gas for under $4/gal yesterday! We're about to throw a party :giggle:
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    Another Delete Shop Gets Nailed

    Because you don't own the air? :unsure:
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    No Engine Oil Dipstick

    I can tell you the oil level sensor on my BMW has gone bad twice. I don't want to rely on a sensor to check my oil. I would not but a ICE vehicle without a dipstick. Just sayin
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    valvoline import atf 17.98 jug from AMAZON

    Amazon shows it's a gallon. That's a great price. Too good? Might be a mistake and they won't honor it.
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    Getting married; where to live?

    How about the mom and the grandma take one of the houses? You and the new wife take the other?
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    Wife Carrying Champion Competition

    I like it. Not only is it fun but it encourages your wife to lose weight. :LOL:
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    Which fuel additive?

    My favorite fuel additive is TCW-3. :)