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    Maple workbench tops

    Nice post there Astro. I too marvel at the old master's benches. I once got to see Franz Klaus' bench at a seminar. Beautiful work. My current bench is based on plans from Lee Valley. The base uses multiple threaded rods to ensure rigidity, tightening when necessary and disassembly should it...
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    The AT&T maze

    I thought I recalled titling my post "The Rat&t Maze". That's indeed what it is. "Work for a telco?" ???? Doesn't parse. No FIOS, nor gargoyle fiber in my neighborhood....only cable 'net for alternative. I don't trust gargoyle phone/email/search/etc. All browsers are prevented from running...
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    Sub amp selection

    Look up who sells ferrites on Digi-key or Mouser, then call the manufacturer, inform them of your HRO status and ask for engineering assistance. Also ask Q's on a ham forum. There is lots of good info in the ARRL Handbook. You don't need to buy it either; you can borrow/ILS from a library...
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    The AT&T maze

    It's now Sept. and Rat&t is still unable to straighten out and correctly ID my ADSL June statement. The old POTS went from $20 to $25 to $30-something and ADSL jumped from $20 promo-rate to $56/mo for 6Mb/s. Ratt thinks this rational. Their own CRD reps don't understand a 'bit' from a 'byte'...
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    What's everyone's favorite wax while you dry?

    Another vote for DG AquaWax. Great stuff.
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    Maple workbench tops

    Are you building one or just curious?
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    Sub amp selection

    As a fellow HRO, I understand. Class-D in a vehicle with unshielded power & spkr lines is asking for frustration as putting the whole amp in a copper cage still is not enough. You need to stop both emitted and radiated noise. An o'scope would be a useful diagnostic tool. Have you tried ferritte...
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    Shoe adhesive

    Sonneborn NP-1 urethane adhesive. Available in many colors too.
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    Tried to rent a house

    Your employer has put you in a tight bind, with a short time frame to act. How sure if this move will last? Smells fishy. Re: 'landowner': R u n L i k e [cendored] Avoid sharks at all costs, particularly when they give you this amount of early warning.
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    Austin, TX

    Quote Terry Black's has working pits at the Barton Springs Road location (which for old-time Austinites used to be Holiday House), so not all the meat is brought from Lockhart. The hipsters in the neighborhood on the hill behind it complained about the smoke, so they had to put some filtration...
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    Legalise To Leaving an Auto In A Will?

    I'm now nearly finished with this monumental task. No doubt orders of magnitude more complex for those with a spouse, kids, parents still alive, siblings, step-children....small wonder so many put it off...just like taxes. Who wants to think about their death, collecting all the necessary...
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    Which Nikon DSLR?

    Once you decide, check KEH camera brokers.
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    Filing down a square surface

    I've done similar using a Taig lathe.
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    10+ Inches of Rain

    So you're the one hogging all the rain! Burned to a crisp down here...even so close to the Gulf.
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    What is this? And where can I buy more?

    Lee Valley McMaster-Carr
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    BBQ Cart Nearly Finished

    This will be the third time I've attempted to upload the rest of the photos......
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    DirecTV rant

    This is what happens when bean-counters/MBAs take hold. Only thing that matters is the bottom line, not really the customers paying their salary. Just look at what happened to Dell a few decades ago. They had great reputation for CS. Then they out-sourced it to some third-world call center...
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    Printing a PDF

    Which 'software CD'? Need more information....
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    New T-fal cast iron skillet came pre-warped

    Aggravating indeed, especially when new. Electric or gas range?
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    New tv's just don't last

    See my Samsung repair post....two years old. Neighbor gave it to me as I'd never disassembled one before. Due to a faulty LED backlight, the constant current backlight driver increased the voltage > 200Vdc if I recall. Backlight strips are not designed to handle this, so one began burning from a...