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    Thoughts on the 2023 Nissan Rogue 1.5 variable compression engine?

    I just had the dealer perform the 12,000km service on my 23 Rogue SL. We're at the one year mark and this new 1.5 VC-Turbo has been excellent. Fuel economy is much better than the older 2.5 4-banger that was installed in my 2019. Power and torque are great and the vehicle really moves. I've only...
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    Post your latest oil change

    2023 Nissan Rogue with the 1.5L 3-cyl variable compression, direct-injection turbo. OCI is 12,000kms. Decided to drain the factory fill at the half-way point. Factory filter was manufactured by Mahle. In went SuperTech 0W20 SP and a Champ PH2867 (7317 size) filter which is a little taller than...
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    Post your latest oil purchase or even filter.

    Bought a jug of Supertech 0W20 SP synth for my 2023 Rogue.
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    "OEM" Brand Synthetic - Princess Auto Canada

    They were on sale for $3.99 / litre (actually a quart).
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    "OEM" Brand Synthetic - Princess Auto Canada

    I've seen this brand on the shelves at Canadian Tire as a manufacturer-specific coolant, but never an engine oil. The oil is color coded for the grades, Dexos rated and SN-Plus. Not sure exactly what a "North American" oil is, but I'll be happily using this in my Japanese vehicles. The engine...
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    Post your latest oil change

    2019 Nissan Rogue SV-Tech AWD 2.5, 32,000km service: Out: Dealer 0W20, Nissan filter In: Motomaster 5W30, Motomaster MPH6607
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    Post your latest oil change

    2011 Toyota RAV4 AWD 2.5 (26,000kms) Out: Valvoline Synpower 5W20, Promotive filter In: Super Tech Synthetic 0W20, Fram CH9972
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    Post your latest small engine oil change

    2020 Honda HRX217 w/GCV200. Out: Valvoline WB 10W30. In: Same.
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    Alternative for Lexus Toyota WS

    I just paid $9.06/litre for genuine Toyota WS. Yeah, I know I could have used something else, but for me, it is peace-of-mind.
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    New Honda GCV engines coming

    GCV200 on my new HRX217. Smooth as butter and quiet.
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    Post your latest oil change

    2019 Nissan Rogue SV AWD, 24000km, 8000km OCI Out: Motomaster 5W30 conventional, Quaker State filter In: Dealer (supposedly Genuine Nissan) 0W20, Nissan filter
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    Toro cold weather snow blower oil

    Cheapest 5W30 oil that's on sale. Never used synthetic in a snowblower, never had a problem.
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    Spark plug - what a difference

    Torch plugs belong in the trash. Always replace them, even when brand new.
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    Post your latest small engine oil change

    Honda HRS21 snowblower: out (don't remember), in VWB 5W30 Noma (Murray) snowblower with Tecumseh engine: out (don't remember), in VWB 5W30
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    Tecumseh gas tank cracking

    True, but I have a 1983 Honda mower where the plastic tank is still perfect. Great idea on the JB Weld.
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    Tecumseh gas tank cracking

    That's interesting because the replacement tanks are a completely different design now.
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    Tecumseh gas tank cracking

    Cracks. Like stick your fingernail in it, almost all the way through. It's stored indoors 99.999% of the year.
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    Tecumseh gas tank cracking

    I have a rebranded Murray snowblower (Noma) with a Tecumseh 8hp engine. It's about 22 years old and besides a few rust spots here and there, it's been excellent. Yesterday, I was getting it ready for the upcoming season and noticed the plastic gas tank is cracking in several spots. It's not...
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    Favorite Oil Brand for OPE

    I buy jugs of whatever conventional oil is on sale and that usually lasts me years. Right now, it's Valvoline conventional 5 and 10W30. I used to use whatever was left over from my vehicle oil changes. For everyday residential duty, a SN rated conventional oil is overkill. Just change it regularly.