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    So what is your take on Wendy's "Natural" fries?

    I eat at Wendy's pretty regularly, and I can't say I noticed much of a difference. Like them the same as the old kind. Better fries than most places have, and they have the best ketchup, weird as that sounds. Sometimes it's a bit off, not sure if they're alternating suppliers or what. Not...
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    Rubbing Alcohol into Windshield Washer Fluid?

    No reason you can't use ethanol as rubbing alcohol. A bit confusing for the consumer but most people wouldn't care as long as it works. Very similar chemically to methanol which is what most WWF has, so no problem there. I don't know about the other stuff in there, but diluted into a gallon or...
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    NO thermal compound available,what can i use......

    I would say... don't use it until you get proper thermal compound. No point risking toasting your processor.
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    "I see dumb people"

    I ordered a Filet-o-Fish once and got a chicken patty covered in tartar sauce. It was different, but I wouldn't recommend it. Wendy's is pretty good. One or two mistakes but nothing major. And when I pay with change they can do the math, which I appreciate.
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    Top 10: Mechanic Scams (synthetic oil)

    The article seems fine. They say not to get pushed into an unnecessary upgrade to synthetic, particularly in an older junker. Sounds reasonable to me. Some cars need it, many don't. Just like using 94 octane gas in a car that only needs 87 is generally a waste of money.
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    12 years of pay for no work

    Originally Posted By: Cutehumor did the guy get put in prison? No, I hear he left and got a job with the Norfolk Community Services Board...
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    Biggest box office bombs

    I'm surprised Waterworld didn't make it too. I thought WW, Postman, and Final Fantasy were decent movies. Not classics, but not stinkers. But Leonard Part 6 was... ugh.
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    Good payday for Tiger Woods's Wife

    Originally Posted By: Patman What I want to know is, have any of you guys gone through what I'm going through and have been able to save the marriage? If so, how did you do it? Emotions are complicated things, and women's emotions much more so. Sounds like you're doing all you can be expected...
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    Grow Up, Bob.

    How are we supposed to make fun of Newfies when you write eloquently? Throw us a bone here. Chug some screech or kiss a cod or something. Glad things have turned around on the Rock. BC's been doing well enough... real estate prices are still ridiculous in Vancouver. Time to head east, perhaps.
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    What's the point of giving you a gift and tell you

    Originally Posted By: PandaBear Not that I don't want it, but I have no use of it when I'm working on its internal day in and day out. With a wife in work injury having the treatment denied by workers' comp, and have to pay out of pocket for treatment, I think I can use some cash at the moment...
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    Fluoride - WOW!

    Originally Posted By: JimPghPA Originally Posted By: StevieC Lots of Bottled water and the big jugs you can buy for dispensing machines contain 0% fluoride at least up here they do so you could do that. 0% = < 0.5% = < 5000 PPM, could be as high as 4999 PPM. Fluoride levels in drinking water...
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    Fluoride - WOW!

    Originally Posted By: Amkeer Fluoride is used as a pesticide. It is a byproduct of phosphate ore. It has been added to water for many, many years as a means to get rid of a growing problem of disposal of the toxic waste stream. "Disposal of the toxic waste stream" sounds like a good thing to...
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    Anyone using Synlube?

    While it may be possible to make such an oil, Synlube itself has been pretty clearly shown to not be all it claims to be. A search for the last thread on it should be both revealing and entertaining!
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    Canadians..think we'll actually get Ultra up here?

    Originally Posted By: StevieC Originally Posted By: Anies It's not selling well here because of the premium price it started at which was $28. Also the product line much like Mobil's gets confusing for the non-informed. $28 would be a steal up here for an oil like that. I would use it for sure...
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    Oil Score!

    Doot dee doo... don't mind me, I'm just wandering towards the door... la la la, now I'm putting my shoes on... look over there! *door slam* *tires screeching*
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    Girl Quits Job, tells the office via dry erase brd

    Shee-oot. Where's the board with her number on it?
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    Learned a valuable oil changing lesson today...

    Did you oil the gasket on the new filter? Might help it come off a little easier next time.
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    Who here enjoys Calvin and Hobbes?

    There conveniently happens to be a Wikipedia article on which books you need to have everything...
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    Who here enjoys Calvin and Hobbes?

    I just picked up a couple collections on sale at the book store, and then got a couple more. I think I have them all now. Great stuff, though I think I erred in reading so many in a short span since some jokes cover the same ground. Favorites are probably anything with snowmen, or Calvin...
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    PQIA tests six oils - Three are out of spec!

    I used some Pitt Penn oil a few years ago. Seemed to do all right. Though as I recall, "Quality" is their SA brand, not SM, so it's no surprise it doesn't meet SM standards. They have Quality, Superior, and something else. I'd look it up on their website but it seems to be down, and the article...