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    Tire Dressings

    Originally Posted By: Racerjk Originally Posted By: Hokiefyd I like Michelin's tire dressing a lot, and use it whenever I get the itch to. I often leave them dry, but every now and again, I'll apply a thick coat of the Michelin dressing. It doesn't dry slimy like a lot of others, and doesn't...
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    Where is post on Wix/Napa Gold date codes?

    Simple enough, thanks Paul. IIRC, the C2 refers to the shift that made the filter.
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    Where is post on Wix/Napa Gold date codes?

    I'd just like to know when my filters were manufactured. I also always check the dates on tires when I purchase them. However, unlike tires, oil filters don't use a universal date code, i.e. it seems to be specific to each brand of filter.
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    Just thought I'd share some feedback from a recent experience I had when purchasing oil filters from BLUF, fleetfilter is a top-notch company that provides exceptional customer service. Their prices are great and my filters were delivered promtly and in perfect condition. It's...
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    Where is post on Wix/Napa Gold date codes?

    Can someone provide the link to the post that described how to interpret the date codes stamped on Wix/Napa Gold/Carquest Premium oil filters? I have searched for this post, however the link I found is no longer functioning.
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    Who to trust for LCD TV reviews

    Avsforum is good, however I find them a bit too fanatical at times. I recommend and of course, The lcdbuyingguide is also a good site. From my experience (FWIW) I recommend any of the Sony LCD TVs ... I have the KDL-40S2000 and it's an excellent HDTV.
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    Is it just me or do current "consumer" TVs stink??

    I suggest you visit ... it's a great site to research HDTVs (on par with BITOG). Also, I'd recommend you shop around ... $2500 for a 32" 1080p is very inaccurate; you can purchase a top of the line 32" LCD 1080p for well under $2K. If you shop around you can even find a 40" 1080p...
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    Toyota 2.4L - Can I change JUST my filter?

    Lisle makes the king of all oil filter wrenches, see attached link for more details: LISLE OIL FILTER WRENCH In fact I think I learned about this filter wrench here at BITOG. Great tool, has never let me down. BTW, I also have a 2AZ-FE engine and this filter wrench easily fits into the oil...
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    Top 3 oil filters under $6.00

    WIX Carquest Premium Blue Napa Gold
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    M1 Noise Official Tally

    2005 Toyota Camry SE 2AZ-FE 4cyl 5600 miles Mobil 1 5w-30 Engine very quiet, much smoother with M1 than with factory fill (changed at 1800m) or Mobil 7500 5w-30 (replaced at 5000m with M1)
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    Tire protectants

    Michelin 3 in 1 Tire Shine Mother's FX Tire Shine Mothers Reflection Tire Care These are all great tire care products that are water-based.
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    Toyota Going 5W20 across the Board, or just 06+ Models

    I'm not quite convinced that Toyota made any changes in the 2AZ-FE engine ... at least not from 05 to 06. IMHO Toyota is more worried about liability issues and thus isn't going to recommend 20w in earlier engines.
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    oil for 2007 camry 4 cyl

    I still don't understand why Toyota only applied this TSB to 2006 and newer cars. My 2005 4cyl is identical to the 2006 2AZ-FE.
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    car hit in lot, insurance question.

    I recently was the victim of a "hit and run." USAA considered my claim as non-insured motorist. I guess it depends on your insurance company.
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    Anyone have these tires?

    I had these tires mounted on a 2001 Isuzu Trooper that I owned a few years back. Absolutely great tire, never got stuck with them in the snow or off-road during my tour at Cheyenne Wyoming.
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    Toyota just specified new oils.

    This may be true when comparing 2003 to 2006, however I don't believe any changes were made to the 2AZ-FE from 2005 to 2006--2005 being the last update of the 5th generation Camry. I wonder why this TSB only includes 2006 and newer engines.
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    Best Non OEM filter for 03 Camry

    quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I use WIX on my 05 Camry. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why? What was wrong with the OEM filters? My mistake, initially thought I was replying in the...
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    Best Non OEM filter for 03 Camry

    John, I use WIX on my 05 Camry. Great filter, good compromise between flow and filtration. Napa Gold and Carquest Premium are also WIX filters.
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    Mobil 1 5W-30 (SM); 5,208 miles; 06 Camry 2.4 ltr

    M Smith What brand was your neighbor's oil filter? I don't see Toyota/OEM or any other brand mentioned. IslaVistaMan Why do you recommend an OEM filter?