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    Formula Mazda (13b rotary engine) oil

    I have RX-8 and I run mix of redline 5w30 and their 30wt racing oil..I would use either that or Idemitsu..mobil 0w-40 would be last resort
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    some real good paper's on engine oil testing

    looks like HTHS viscosity primarily has an impact on the cam wear and piston cleanliness. they don't mention it's impact on bottom end wear
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    Sudden increase in consumption? 2000 Audi S4

    it might be time for Italian tune up. GC is a good oil I would stick with that.
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    M1 T&D 5w40 ACEA E7 - OK for ACEA A3/B3 spec?

    LOL you do know that any oil is the thickest on the cold start up and that you want thinnest oil possible at the start up?
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    PQIA Tests 11 More Oils - Five have issues

    can you guys test some oils that people actually buy..never saw any of those oils in my life :-)
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    Schaeffers 132 Oil Treatment Experiment

    sounds like #132 is very similar to Lubro Moly MoS2?
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    Adding Mos2 to Redline Oil

    I asked Dave @ redline oil same question and the answer was: "Our Motor Oils and Race Oils both contain molybdenum disulfide, what we consider the optimum, using additional wouldn’t be expected to provide any benefit"
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    '06 Mazda 6 Pennz. Ultra 5w20 12.8k miles

    you should try adding bars leak head gasket fix to your coolant..maybe 1/4 to a 1/2 dose..that will probably take care of the coolant leak.
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    Tried a new oil today

    fuel economy is highly correlated with HTHS of oil..I would continue with redline oil just change the viscosity to 0w-30 or 5w-30..stick with ester based oils
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    My E46 323i using non-synthetic: sludge fest 2010!

    hard to see from the pictures but did cyl sleeves have significant wear? what did you do with that engine?
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    Reasonably estimating HTHS values

    I would say you can run VR1 in any of your 3 will be just fine
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    Minimum HTHS for Rotary engine in RX8?

    Originally Posted By: vinu_neuro Considering the low temps I'd just run a good dino like GTX and use a small amount of 2-stroke oil in the fuel each time you fill up. I know a lot of RX-8 owners have adopted this practice (although many still use synthetic). hm I wonder if these new GF5 dino...
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    Minimum HTHS for Rotary engine in RX8?

    Originally Posted By: rg200amp Originally Posted By: unDummy Any current oil spec will work fine. It extremely important to do frequent oil changes. Never go over 3k/3mo and it'll last a long time. Also, its critical to top off oil at EVERY fuel fill up. Make sure you have all recalls/TSBs...
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    Minimum HTHS for Rotary engine in RX8?

    Originally Posted By: mechtech2 Before emissions, those rotaries could SCREAM :-) nothing a midpipe can't fix..they are so smooth you don't even know you are hitting 9000 redline until you hear beep warning you to shift :-) I just changed ignition coils, cleaned MAF sensor, cleaned TB and put...
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    Minimum HTHS for Rotary engine in RX8?

    car has 56k miles and had engine changed at 20K miles, so engine has 36K miles on it. when I first got it I changed oil with shell rotella 5w-40. I have ran one track weekend with that. It used about 1 quart in 6 30 min sessions on the track, but it does that by design since it injects the oil...
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    Minimum HTHS for Rotary engine in RX8?

    3 weeks ago I bought 04 Mazda RX-8. It will serve dual duty as a daily driver and occasional track car. What is the minimum HTHS viscosity for good wear protection in the rotary engine? I know you want min HTHS of 2.9 in piston engines. How does this plays out in rotary engines? Has there been...
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    21K on bulk PC 5W-30....UOA on it's way!

    with 2L of top of you have practically replaced half of the oil