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    Mobil 1 0W30 A1 not A5

    I would not use it for this reason and for the fact that, if you want a thin oil, Pennzoil Platinum 5w-30 is thinner across the board.
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    I only drive a block to and from work

    Originally Posted By: AnarchyX Should I change my OCI since my vehicle doesn't even fully warm up before I turn it off? Is there a brand that would be better suited for this type of driving? I mean sure I get her warmed up a couple of times a week, but to and from work I'm driving a block or two...
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    VW approved oil?

    Originally Posted By: Doug Hillary Him BurgerMcDo - With respect the Dealsership is wrong! This is part of the reason why VW and MB paid millions out on a Class Action Use what the Handbook says exclusively - insist that the Dealer does. If not then report them to VW NA!
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    VW approved oil?

    Originally Posted By: Quattro Pete Originally Posted By: Takechan The Castrol EDGE 5W-30 I purchased for my BMW is VW 504 00/ 507 00 approved. I bought it from German so I don't know if it's different in the US. Yes, unfortunately the US Edge is quite a bit different and doesn't meet any of...
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    VW approved oil?

    Conveniently, there is a 2.0 UOA from an unspeced oil available to prove how superfluous the VW spec is... Maybe the 2.Slo isn't very hard on oil afterall. It doesn't take much to understand the manual is useless, and in fact may do more harm than good...
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    M1 5W-40 TDT, 9,000 miles, 01 VW Beetle

    Don't you know an oil without VW specs will destroy your engine?
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    VW approved oil?

    The 2.0, or 2.Slo, has been around VW a long time. Service duty requires only normal SJ oils, as per service manuals. The VW spec is for extended drains, which VW and other played with for the last 10 years. Extended drains have not fared well for many owners, and the dealer gave good advice...
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    Honda oil filter - every other oil change?

    Originally Posted By: Dyoel182 Originally Posted By: Audi Junkie Not every application can get a $2 Supertech filter either. When servicing MiL's Audi, I drain that big filter out because any decent one is $6, some premium ones are $15 like oem Mann. Those say 2 year / 30,000km on the side...
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    2008 Accord

    iirc, new Accord takes huge 215/60-16 My Accord takes 205/60-16, but I replaced them with 215/55-16
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    Oil Viscosity vs. Temperature

    Multiweight is the opposite of strait weight oils in the sense it "fights" the normal tendencies to thicken and thin.
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    Thinking about a 5w20...

    I'm on 20 weight for the winter and my car calls for it. Other times of the year I use 5w-30. I'm thinking about blending-in some 20 weight in my other car that does not spec it, but just for winter.
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    Shell V-power fuel system cleaner

    It perked up the nephew's Volvo. The CRV seemed to like it too, but has already had a ton of FI cleaners in the last 2 years.
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    Does size matter?

    The only fair way to judge a car is against itself, literaly. Offset crash into stationary object.
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    Hard shifting in the old CRV w/M1+LG

    I actually went to the new Z1 and AMSoil mix that came out of my Accord. lol, don't tell anyone. I probally will go with ATF+4 next dump to see how it is and if I like it add more. If not go back to a Multi and add more ARX.
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    ST Washer Fluid is Frozen !!

    I know this is wierd, but I have an older bottle of ST blue outside and it froze at about +20f! I had poured some into my nephews car, so I pumped it out and refilled with new. I had a wierd feeling when I used it, not shure if it was car wash or what, but definately not because carwash is not...
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    New oils get better....but cold specs get worse?!?

    I'd say "accurate" conditions would be the most relavent.
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    What impresses you and why?

    Here's a good one...
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    What impresses you and why?

    Physics, biophysics, astrophysics. Hotties.