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    Quaker State 5W40 Euro gone?

    Tried the store first, then tried a search online on Like ylk1 said they must have not wanted me to buy it since it's not "correct" for my car (2015 Taurus), even though I removed the car from my profile. Oh well, I've used the 15W40 before in this car, and in the summer here a...
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    Quaker State 5W40 Euro gone?

    A year ago I got some Quaker State 5W40 Euro, so now it was time to change oil and I tried to buy more of the same, and it seems to be gone. Is it discontinued? Related: go to walmart oil section, there's basically no XW40 synthetic passenger car anything now, and almost nothing labeled "Euro"...
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    New Quaker State Ultimate Protection

    That all sounds like mostly the dealer's fault, not Toyota. Just replacing the short block is basically rebuilding the engine, so they're going to do that as quickly/cheaply as possible. Pinched some gaskets, screwed up head gaskets... When a new car needs a new engine, the only choices should...
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    Delo 15w40 full synthetic, blurb on bottle

    I just got a couple of gallons of this. After purchase I noticed it prominently claims "excellent oil consumption control" on the bottle, which by coincidence happens to be the reason I was looking for a 15w40. Just wondering what might be the reason they claim this, is it just the weight? There...
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    combine different colors POAT?

    A couple years ago I started using Pentofrost A2 green, which is POAT - Phosphate Hybrid Organic Acid type. Now it's hard to find, for me anyway (I only buy concentrate, not "pre-diluted"). Looking on Rockauto, I found BeckArnley Red Concentrate, which is also POAT, and as a plus it's cheaper...
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    Tamper seal cap

    I've had those breakaway tops malfunction before, where the whole thing comes off. It's annoying, indicates extreme cheapness in designing the container. Rotella also doesn't use foil seals. I think also QSUD and Pennzoil, at least as of a couple years ago. This makes me avoid their products...
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    Redline Shockproof OK for bearings?

    That's possible, but it doesn't sound to me like a scraping bearing noise, more like a rattling noise. Also, the noise goes away when accelerating out of a curve, which sort of goes along with what I've read about how the Torsen works.
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    Redline Shockproof OK for bearings?

    I'm considering whether to use Heavy Shockproof in my noisy Torsen differential. I've already tried different 75W140 gear oils with no improvement in the noise, which just happens going around curves. Since the rear axle bearings are also lubricated by the same oil, I'm wondering if the...
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    5.7 Hemi cams

    What years/cars is the GM lifter issue you're referring to?
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    Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Wax vs. TW Ice Seal n Shine

    Yeah that pretty much works, but leaves it looking unsatisfactory. My other car is off-white, should be no problem using it on that.
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    Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Wax vs. TW Ice Seal n Shine

    Wow, just tried the TW Seal & Shine, and I really hate it! It left streaks on perfect very glossy black paint, and I can't get them out. I should say that I didn't remove the previous wax that I'd put on a few years ago. I just used the minimal amount of S&S to cover the area. Do I have to...
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    HEADS UP!! Delo 400 XLE 10w-30 Synthetic Blend $3 per Gallon SALE

    I was looking for this oil online, sale or not, and it is listed "out of stock" in the usual places (walmart, amazon). Is it discontinued or what?
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    Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Wax vs. TW Ice Seal n Shine

    Aargh, I just bought a bottle of the TW Hybrid Ceramic spray at walmart, it doesn't say anything about UV protection or "new & improved". UV protection is sort of a big deal here in AZ. Maybe I'll return it and try something else.
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    Thicker or thinner gearbox oil

    That traxium sounds like something I'd like to try (currently using mt90), but a quick search seems to show it's not available in the US. So it's OK to use some gl5 gear oils in a manual transmission (Tremec TR6 in my case)? I found the mt90 improved things quite a bit compared to the OE...
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    Chevron Delo 15W40 CK4/SN still current?

    I noticed one bottle of Delo 15W40 synthetic (I think), CK-4 / SN, on the shelf at Walmart. I had the impression from reading some things on here that HDEO 15W40 oils will no longer have the SN (or Sx?) rating, is that wrong? I would have bought it but I need more than 1 gallon. I've used that...
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    uv dye for oil leak

    I'm trying to find an oil leak, and I already had a UV flashlight so I tried shining it around the engine before adding any UV dye, and found that the oil naturally glows yellow (without dye). So my question is, what does the dye do that makes it easier to see the leak more than just the natural...
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    Asian coolant compatibility

    OK thanks, discovered all the colors of OET when I went searching, finally found the green kind in concentrate form at the Autozone that is farthest from where I live :)
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    Asian coolant compatibility

    OK well then I guess there are 2 varieties of Peak OET: another
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    Asian coolant compatibility

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I guess I'll go with the Peak OET, even though Autozone says the Peak is for vehicles requiring blue, and the A2 spec sheet says for vehicles requiring green, but I guess I can ignore that. Possibly a difference in how long it should last, is the A2 not rated for...
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    Asian coolant compatibility

    Which Asian coolants are compatible with Pentofrost A2 (it's blue-green), meaning basically the same except for color? Also need in concentrate form. So far I can't find the A2 locally.