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    BP 2030 outlook. NA energy self sufficient

    Originally Posted By: wallyuwl Environmentalists still don't like CNG, even though it is 90% cleaner than gasoline. Until we get an administration that isn't beholden to the small number of environmental extremists N. America will ever be energy independent, at least the USA won't be. Yes, being...
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    EPA approves new refrigerants

    Just word games by the Govt. If its EPA approved you know theres a scam involved. Yes, ammonia, propane and butane are OLD uses. They are effective tho. John--Las Vegas.
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    Good electric crimps?

    Originally Posted By: punisher Originally Posted By: JHZR2 How do you know when it is right? When it is soldered. Yes, solder it. Reduces stress concentrations. John--Las Vegas
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    Interesting stuff you had as a kid

    Loving, caring and involved parents. John--Las Vegas
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    The Fall and Rise of Automotive Quality

    Originally Posted By: Astro14 Originally Posted By: Bluestream Originally Posted By: hattaresguy American cars were pretty good until the early 70's. Than for the next 30 years they just cranked out [censored]. I don't think they were any differnt before the 70's, but the competiion got better...
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    China copies F-150

    Lets hope they copy B0-Jangles. That will be the end of them..John--Las Vegas
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    US high school students are dumb as a rock

    The real scary aspect is that they now or soon will be able to--vote. John--Las Vegas
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    Remember when? Now those were the days.

    Originally Posted By: daves87rs I'll just own both and have the best of both worlds... Yes, exactly what I do. Of course, my 68 Torino is an original hybrid--burns gas and tires! John--Las Vegas
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    Something I just overheard at AutoZone.

    Originally Posted By: 91344George This stuff is more disturbing than funny, if you ask me. BINGO! John--Las Vegas
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    Great article on Esters by Tom NJ

    The original esters were made with vegetable oils, acid and heat/pressure. There are several methods of producing them.John--Las Vegas.
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    "Sustainable Energy" Perpetual Growth Impossible

    Originally Posted By: Y_K Originally Posted By: JimPghPA And every day after that one more rat was added to the cage. There was a lovely variation of this experiment in Royal Navy: they would not feed the rats by anything but rats. The last surviving one was released afterwards and liberate the...
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    Tire Pressure Gauge

    I am still using a Marvel gauge from the 50's. It checks right on against a master gauge. Try ebay. John--Las Vegas
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    "Sustainable Energy" Perpetual Growth Impossible

    Nah, gyrate around with E=MC2 a bit. John--Las Vegas.
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    Marathon and Speedway

    WAAAAY back when, Marathon was the cheapest and lowest quality gasoline around. It was affectionately known as 'panther pee'. John--Las Vegas
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    Quaker State 'Defy'

    Its nothing but wordsmithing. The ad writers should run for Congress. Don't solve anything, just rephrase the situation. John--Las Vegas
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    Air compressor oil

    M1 10w-30 is just fine. John--Las Vegas
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    Gold for Oil - fixing an exchange rate

    Originally Posted By: eljefino But tulip bulbs are way down!!! WTH? Good point. Luckily, here in Las Vegas, trading on slightly used cocktail waitresses is up. John--Las Vegas.
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    Stoddard solvents?

    Originally Posted By: bepperb The pros are that they could (not will, could) dissolve something that your fuel additives weren't. The cons are that they are basically mineral spirits that are sold to you for about a 1000 percent markup, and probably aren't needed in the first place. E10 is going...
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    FP Plus continuous use?

    I use FP60 regularly in two old muscle cars. This is mainly done to keep the underside of the intake valves clean. I avoid any product that is labeled 'green', 'EPA approved' or Govt. recommemded. John--Las Vegas.
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    Penny Pinching Canada introduces Steel coins

    So What? I can remember when Illinois made license plates out of pressed soy beans. They were OK--but dogs would eat them. John--Las Vegas