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    What oil filters are you Mazda owners running on your 'Skyactive' 2.5's

    I have a 2021 CX-5. Same 2.5 Skyactive engine. FWIW. Interesting note on approved/Wix 57002 filters: I cut open several different filters, and found the following. The factory filter has, by my reasonably accurate measurements, 685 cm2/106 in2. The super duper special made Wix 57002 has only 320...
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    Is it Good to immediately change trans and rear tcase fluid on newly bought 2006 CRV

    Only recently traded in a '05 Element (mostly the same vehicle, mechanically), 193K miles, did all my own fluid changes. Used Valvoline MaxLife ATF for 30K mile changes the last 120K miles with drain and fill, trans worked wonderfully. Changed the Honda brand diff fluid every 30K. No noise, no...
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    Is it a good idea to activate ABS once in a while?

    Jumping in with a side issue here: When I get my brakes fully flushed, does the ABS system have to be remotely activated by the shop to get old residual fluid out of the pump/block? I had heard/read that old fluid can sit in the ABS block, never get changed, and turns to gunk if the system is...
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    Keep or change filter-new car, changing out break-in oil?

    Brand new '21 Mazda CX-5 non-turbo. Changing the oil at about 600 miles to get the metal sparkles out. As the factory Japanese filter is well regarded, should I keep it on until I change the next time (at 3500-4000 miles)? It's said that a partially used filter works better than new.
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    Gray dipstick deposits NEW '21 Mazda CX-5.

    New '21 Mazda CX-5. Checking dipstick with 300 miles. Getting gray deposits along with fairly clear oil on my clean paper towel. Is this the high moly content? Inquiring/cautious minds want to know.
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    Oil for NC MX-5 Miata track/autocross car

    Here's an article I saved, from, from member AussieMX5, posted October 2006. Enjoy. A little something to set the cat amongst the pigeons -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There has been a few posts regarding oils/fluid lately and...
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    CB750 stored for 35 years. Lube cylinders?

    DON'T TURN IT OVER WITH A SOCKET AND A RATCHET! Use a proper T wrench turned with BOTH hands. If you try to turn it with a ratchet the off center forces bend things on the end of the crank. (It's been almost 40 years since I wrenched on bikes, but I do remember that from the Honda mechanics at a...
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    Rotors/Pads to get or avoid-stock '03 Protege' 5

    After lots of years and 122K miles, I am finally replacing my brakes on my moderately driven '03 Mazda Protege' 5. Just looking for basic advice (mostly to avoid questionable rotors). Stock replacement is OK, unless you know of better/less expensive parts. Thanks ahead of time for your replies.
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    Low on PAG Oil symptoms

    There's more than one type or spec for PAG oil. Check online sources before you put in the wrong type. I've seen both types on a Big Box auto store shelf, but don't remember who had it.
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    Best battery for generator

    Got a wonderful used generator 2 years ago, battery age unknown. Went to test-run it today, and it is dead. Who manufactures and who sells (Sears, WallyWorld, Auto-whoever) the best battery in the 300+ CCA range. It's starting a 25 hp Kohler v-twin
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    Espiration date for free windows 10 upgrade?

    My other half has been reluctant to upgrade. When's the last day of this one year offer? I know it's really soon. Thanks.
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    DID I DESTROY MY ENGINE?! Need encouragement

    Hi Gang; Just a follow-up post on my merry misadventure. Just completed 1200 or so of mostly highway miles, and it didn't blow up or make rude noises. Some of the highway miles were in the Ozarks, where you climb 1/4 to 1/2 mile hills at 65 with the trans shifting down a gear and the engine...
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    DID I DESTROY MY ENGINE?! Need encouragement

    Today has been one of those horrible days. The biggest horror-Changing the oil and filter on my '05 Honda Element/2.4 liter, and partial R and R on the P/S fluid. Had a huge brain poot and ran the engine twice with NO oil, for about 20 seconds each time, when trying to get more P/S fluid into...
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    No wonder Used Car Parts are getting Harder to fin

    Watch it from about 2:50-valve gear is very clean. Wonder what oil he was using!
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    Other uses of antifreeze

    DOGGIE DRINKS????????????????????????????????????
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    Anti-drainback and oil pressure light?

    "Flood clear" only works with the accelerator flat to the floor. Anything less enables the injectors and it will start. However, you must lift quickly when you do want it to start, or you will get a big rev.
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    What was the oil type and grade you ever used?

    '64 Chevy Impala, in 1977, with 80013 miles. Was actually a "little old lady" car that saw exactly one highway trip in its life. First short oil change produced oil-based mud! Burned a quart every 300 miles. Bought cheap brand name HD40 by the case, threw in a quart at every fill-up. Even...
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    KLR 650

    If memory serves: Kawasaki has redesigned the doohickey, and it may not be an issue on the latest bikes. You'll need to follow up per the various forums.
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    Generators-Seeking hard solid insider info

    CONTINUED FROM ABOVE (Looking at contractor/rental grade units of all brands). How about the new Yamahas? the EPA/CARB compliance (durability) rating is 500 hours vs Honda's 1000 hours, but both should last forever with good care. On-line manuals for units from a few years ago showed THD up to...
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    Generators-Seeking hard solid insider info

    On 10/29 I posted asking where we could discuss portable generators. Got lots of good advice which matched up with my online research. I'm having the house wired for a transfer box. Now I'm looking for hard info on brands, performance, "clean" electric output and how important it really is, etc...