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    Water spots

    mothers chrome polish rinsed with glass science's glass scrub. after thorough cleaning, apply glass science rain clear gel.
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    Post your oil changing mishaps

    i bathed in used engine oil. while removing a very tight oil filter, i suddenly elbowed the used oil container. my wife hosed me off with a laundry detergent afterwards :P
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    is paint stripper going to ruin my plastic bumper?

    hi, i am going to strip the paint off my plastic bumper. question is, will stripsol or any paint stripper destroy the plastic? how about brake fluid? as of now i don't have the option of sanding down from top to bare plastic thanks
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    re-lubricating power tools - what oil to use

    Originally Posted By: tom slick Grease is oil with a thickener and when it sits for extended amounts of time the oil sometimes separates. The Makita cordless has nothing to re-grease internally. The Bosch corded drill will have a gear set with grease and the jigsaw with have a reciprocating...
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    re-lubricating power tools - what oil to use

    if it were grease, then what kind of oil was it that dripped when the tools were on the cabinet for quite sometime. i traced it and i was certain that it came from the inside of the power tools. it felt like oil and it smelled like oil.
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    re-lubricating power tools - what oil to use

    hi, i got some power tools here that have been sitting for quite sometime unused to the point that the internal oil is leaking outside the housing. though they are still working fine, i would like to re-lube them internally. problem is i don't know what kind of oil to use. anyone knows? i am...
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    Causes of bent valve?

    bent valves are due to valves hitting piston heads. why? wrong timing how? tooth not aligned during timing belt or chain installation. valves not fully closing when required to close when piston is at tdc
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    when do you change pcv?

    is there a recommended change interval for a pcv? or is it safe to say that if the pcv is sitll "rattling" its still good to go? in my case, i regularly take off my pcv every oci and clean it with solvent in and out and shake it. its still ratting good and when i poke into one side the spring...
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    voltage - indication when to change coolant?

    i've read somewhere that measuring the voltage drop between the coolant in the radiator and the body ground is an indication of when to change the coolant. is this a realiable way of determining its time to change?
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    regular oil and short drain interval - opinions?

    hi, engine oils need to be changed regularly (period). no buts, no whatever. however, a lot of synthetics specially claim long drain intervals, leaving their mineral/conventional counterparts less attractive to potential busy customers. this however comes at a price. synthetics (grp iv/v)...
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    recommendation for wire gauge in 100/90 bulbs

    wow... quick and short response from the mail i sent "12-gauge would be fine"
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    recommendation for wire gauge in 100/90 bulbs

    right, i sent him a mail. hopefully i get the reply i need quickly. i'll post his response here
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    how to know which group oil belongs to?ig

    Originally Posted By: Quest Originally Posted By: edwardh1 whats needed is a simple list of common oils sold in walmart auto zone advance etc etc. showing what group they are in Ed: The original OP is in the Philippines, where the market, product availablity, etc. are different than us here...
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    recommendation for wire gauge in 100/90 bulbs

    sorry for being too much of an "asking person." but just to clarify again, i found this Quote: SELECTING WIRE SIZES FOR USE IN LAMP CIRCUITS Use only stranded wire, never solid (household type) wire, in automotive applications. Wire...
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    how to know which group oil belongs to?ig

    hi, there are a lot of oils in the market and a lot of blabla's on their labels. basically, how would a consumer know if a particular oil is group i, ii, iii, iv, or v? these groups aren't mentioned on the packagings
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    recommendation for wire gauge in 100/90 bulbs

    is it right to say at this time that going further to gauge 10 won't be much of a benefit at all? also, given that i will be using a gauge 12, assuming that there occurs a short, will a 20a fuse break first before the gauge 12 wires burn the insulator?
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    recommendation for wire gauge in 100/90 bulbs

    is there a generic table that says what stranded automotive wire gauge to use for a particular current drawn?
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    recommendation for wire gauge in 100/90 bulbs

    the high is 100watts and the low is 90 watts
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    recommendation for wire gauge in 100/90 bulbs

    hi, i am about to install an osram all season 100/90 h4 bulbs in my car and i am also 100% sure that the housing can handle the heat. i have all the necessary materials ready such as ceramic terminals, relays, connectors, except the wires. do you have any recommendation on the wire gauge that...
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    h4 bulb wiring question

    hi, i noticed that there are two kinds of wirings for h4's that the manufacturers use for stock wirings: - switched ground, common positive - switched positive, common ground what are the benefits/disadvantages of each? i am planning to upgrade my wiring harness such that one relay controls...