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    Synthetic oil in a new 2014 Versa?

    THANKS EVERYONE Originally Posted By: Mach1Owner Are you sure Nissan recommends 5w-30 for the Versa? my i4 Altima 2014 says 0w20 in the book. Thats what the manuals says and the underhood label.
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    Synthetic oil in a new 2014 Versa?

    Originally Posted By: Cooper You really won't be able to recognize a difference in going with the lighter oil especially living in the south. As for warranty, you have to go with what is in the manual, if it calls for 5w30, use a 30W and be happy. I would go with 0w30, that won't void any...
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    Synthetic oil in a new 2014 Versa?

    I just got a '14 Nissan Versa last December and have put 2200 miles on it bought it with 0 miles. Gonna change the oil at 3000 miles and was planning on going full synthetic Pennz Platinum, is this a good idea or should I wait a couple of more oil changes? Also Nissan recommends 5w30 but I want...
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    Inline Fuel Pump Question.

    Thanks everyone.
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    Inline Fuel Pump Question.

    I can just remove the pump quite easily and the lines were replaced 2 years ago. My plan was to just remove the pump and lubricate it but just wasnt sure what type of oil to use.
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    Inline Fuel Pump Question.

    Yes I could so I do this with the fuel pump still installed?
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    Inline Fuel Pump Question.

    I have a low pressure inline universal electric fuel pump E8012s if I remember. I have it on a project Ford Truck, I havent started the truck in about 2 years and wondered what I need to do to the pump to avoid damage to it when I start it up soon. I know when the pumps are shipped they contain...
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    Meet My FRAM Family

    Yes I know but I get them cheap as fawk and they arent gonna come apart on me during extended OCI. So im happy. Could you happen to recommend me a better filter? You know we are all here to help.
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    Post your latest oil change

    1 week and a half ago. Mobile 1 5w40 TDT with Wix filters in my '04 cavalier. noticed a little oil consumption every 3000-4000 miles thought id give it a try. I Have ran 5w30, 10w30, SAE30 oils in Mobile 1 5-30 10-30, M1-HM 5-30 10-30, Royal Purple 5-30,10-30 Kendall 30WT, Royal Purple SAE30...
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    Sorry Dex Cool haters

    bought my 04 cavalier in 2006 never changed the coolant since it wasnt ready obviously. well in 2007 the engine took a [censored] due to hydra-lock.Master Tech changed out the coolant been fine since then no sludge in the reservoir. My whys car had dexcool since 1999 chaged it out back in 2005...
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    Valvoline NEXTGEN over already?????

    i dont get it ashland pickups up all this used oil from auto parts retailers (at no charge) and professional auto repair shops like (25 to 50 cents a gal.) and expect to make this oil just as good as white bottle valvoline. All the years working in auto parts I was taught that all this used oil...
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    Valvoline Convential/Maxlife on sale $3.59 a quart

    Ok I got back to working at O's and noticed we have a sale posted $3.59 for Valvoline Max Life and Valvoline Conventional? What is up with this? Seems like a good price for the Max Life but for the Conventional? Why would this be?
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    why us delo 400 so hard to find?

    wow really here in deep south texas the 1 gallon jug at walmart is like 13 bucks. And at O's its like 15 bucks. dunno about AZ or ADV but im pretty sure they have it. O's has a huge distribution center with Will call pickup should hit em up if you need it real bad. Delo is good stuff. My dads...
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    Meet My FRAM Family

    Used to be a big FRAM fan boy back in high school. They were cheap and thought they were better than house brand filters, guess not. Thanks to the good ol BITOG reviews WIX goes in all my cars. I get them at fleet pricing at O'reillys so the cartridge filter for my ecotec is like 4 bucks and...
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    Laptop WiFi connectivity issues

    Been having problems as well with netbook and win 7. Connects for 30 mins. Then the wifi icon shows no connection and does not pickup the router. My quick fix is to use the fn key + the wifi key to turn off then on the wifi on the netbook. After that itll work another 15-30 mins. Might be an...
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    1997 Chevy 1500 oil?

    The Coldest it gets is like in the 40s but thats like maybe like 5 times a winter. Most of the time the whether is like 97+ in the summer and the humidity is like 90%.
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    1997 Chevy 1500 oil?

    Just acquired a '97 Chevy Silverado 1500, 305 V8, 2wd, Auto, 238,000 miles on the original motor. The previous owner always did 3000 miles oil changes at wal-mart with house brand oil. Engine sounds and runs great, no oil burning, no knock. Thinking about going with Rotella T5 10w-30 with Wix...
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    HID kit for fog lights

    Get the 35watt kit or you will probably melt the housing.
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    Oil Change Best Left to the Professionals

    No one goes near my oil or filter. I had my car in at the dealer for warranty work about 3 years ago. Well the so called GM Master Tech. over tightened my oil filter cover causing it to crack since its plastic. This is a GM ecotec btw. and he also forgot to add a quart of oil.
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    Best grease for caliper slide pins?

    Using Versachem Synthetic caliper grease here and havent had any problems. Ive used it on my cavalier since 2007 and I do alot of stop and go Ive never had a pin seize up. It doesnt snow where I live but it gets pretty hot 100+ degrees 90% humidity.