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    Wagon superiority thread

    So decided to wash it today and got an outdoors pic And a pic of the 6 piston Brembo caliper Really loving this car so far. Drives mostly in electric mode for my commute. So far have put almost 300 miles on it and averaging 71 mpg. Still have more than 3/4 tank available. Very quick...
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    Wagon superiority thread

    The Outback was/is a very fine automobile. I will miss it. But I am a wagon guy at heart and the Outback is not a "true" wagon. At least not to me. It is kind of wagon adjacent. So for that reason it didn't quite ring my bell completely. Now the Volvo is a pure wagon. With luxury and performance...
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    BITOG very slow lately

    Weird. No other site is slow for me. Right now it is performing fast. Don
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    BITOG very slow lately

    So I have noticed that for about a week that the site is very slow. Takes a long time to load and some pics not loading in posts. I know its not on my end as all other web pages load normally. Anyone know what is going on? Don
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    Wagon superiority thread

    So yesterday I traded in my 2022 Subaru Outback. Twas a good car but I had the itch to get a true wagon. Been thinking of one of these for quite some time now and finally pulled the trigger 2024 Volvo V60 Recharge T8 Polestar. Do not have any pictures yet. So this one will have to do. This is...
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    Replacement PCM I have used this place once for a 2007 Jeep Compass. Plug...
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    1989 Isuzu Trooper

    Hit it on the side with a BFH. Brace the control arm as best you can so the all the force of the hammer strike goes to the knuckle Don
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    How to do two tone paint when the darker color is primary?

    Seeing as we are talking about a Ford I always liked the Eddie Bauer edition Fords. I had a 93 Bronco Eddie Bauer. That dark tan went well with all the colors. It also helped that there was a red stripe to split the colors up Don
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    Crazy dealer add on

    Oh I forgot. When purchasing a new car if I see add on charges I don't like I flat out tell them I am not paying for that. They try and do their up sell and I just tell them no. I haven't lost buying a car yet. They always remove the charge Don
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    Crazy dealer add on

    I have decided that my next car purchase I will tell the salesman/finance guy that I will not pay the doc fee. I remember back in the day before doc fees existed. I want my next purchase to be doc free. Hopefully that works. These doc fees are bogus. Always have been. The paperwork and such used...
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    Best/Favorite first riff/20 seconds of iconic rock song?

    Van Halen Hot for teacher. Alex kills it.
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    No SRX this year

    Well Mr Evernham is involved but I do not know to what extent. Ray was apparently a very key member in the building of the IROC cars back in the day. That is pretty much what the SRX series is. An IROC series. I really hope the SRX series isn't dead and gone. That would suck Don
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    No SRX this year

    So I saw yesterday that the SRX series will not run this year. It did not say that the series has folded just that I guess they are having sponsorship issues. I was hoping that this series would start taking off as it is enjoyable to watch. Hopefully they will be back in 2025 Don
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    Would seeing Valvoline Instant on a carfax deter you from buying?

    Every car that I ever bought with more than 100k miles I went into it knowing that I will be replacing all the fluids. Coolant, oil, brake fluid, ps fluid etc. I also replace all the coolant hoses and thermostat as well. Spark plugs and wires were also changed. Brakes were gone over and if...
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    Can you build a small-block V8 faster than a high school kid?

    Oh and every part on these engines were brand new including all bolts. And no RTV to be seen. No oil or coolant. Don
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    Can you build a small-block V8 faster than a high school kid?

    Well the title is misleading. Wasn't a high school kid. It was teams of 5 high school kids each. Crankshaft, camshaft, oil pump did not get removed. Did not see any lifters come out either. Surprised me that they actually used torque wrenches. Impressive none the less. Don
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    If you have one car from the 60's, what would it be?

    1968 Dodge Charger 440 with 4 speed pistol grip shifter. Mic drop Don
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    Billy Idol Eyes Without A Face

    Love this song. Grew up in the '80's so I know Billy Idol well. Eyes Without a Face is classic. Anyway I have a question that may not be able to be answered. On this song Billy goes off on a 3 verse rap. When I hear this song on SXM the 2nd verse of this rap section is omitted. I cannot figure...
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    I'm just drooling over this car

    All vintage cars look good with aluminum slots Don
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    Driving At Night

    I had cataracts removed from both eyes last year. I could not believe how muted colors had become. Since the surgery night vision has improved greatly. So much so that even the brightest headlights no longer bother me. Don