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    New tire on TireRack...Kumho TA91

    Pretty hard to beat the General Altimax RT 43's for all around performance and price...
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    Noisy valve train with 0w20 oil–2006 Civic 1.8(R18)

    My sons 2010 Civic runs like silk on 5W20 Valvoline full syn with Maxlife tech... Valve train was much louder when I used Mobil 1 and Quaker State Ultimate durability.
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    Best oil/fluids for a 2006 LS430

    I have owned a LS and a GS 430 for years... Valvoline full syn with Maxlife tech 5W30 goes in both every 7500K miles. Sold the LS430 to my brother recently and it runs like silk. My GS430 has 41K miles and also runs like a new car. Hard to beat the 06 lexus 430's.
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    '12 Civic burning oil after switch to M1

    My sons 2010 Civic EX 1.8L always used a little Mobil 1 on every OCI. Switched to QSUD and it did not burn any oil but I thought it ran much louder... Switched to Valvoline full syn HM with Maxlife 5W20 and it runs quiet and has not used any oil over the last three 7500K OCI's. The car has 128K...
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    2019 Subaru Outback 3.6R Subaru 5w-30 6447 miles

    My wife's 2018 Outback with the 3.6R has been smooth as silk. We have been using the dealer for all maintenance and they have been using 5W30 syn oil at around 5K-6K OCI's... 30K total miles so far and mostly all highway miles. Very impressed with the Outback... I may start doing the OCI's...
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    High mileage full synthetic, synthetic blend or conventional in a 263K mile car?

    Maxlife semi syn is the way to go. I have had many collector cars that sat and I always used Maxlife semi syn... I have used it in modern higher mileage vehicles and it has work well Good luck with your decision.
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    Toyota Tundra Warranty

    Any Synthetic motor oil today will handle 5K OCI's... Mobil Super Syn should work well for you and I would just stay with it. Are you sure they always use a syn oil? Make sure they do it. LOL.
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    2019 Lexus GX460, Factory Fill (Toyota/Lexus) 0W20, 3226 miles

    Just drive and enjoy your GX460, they are fantastic vehicles. Follow the maintenance in the GX460 manual and if you use syn oils, your GX will last way past your ownership.
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    T, H, or V on RT43's?

    I have recently again installed(4 tires) the H rated RT43's on my sons Honda Civic and they had tread left on them at 60K miles. Probably would have made it to 75K miles, but I always change them out early. Winter traction is important here in Wi... The civic has 130K miles on it.
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    2004 GX470 195k switch to synthetic?

    I use Valvoline HM full synthetic 5W30 with Maxlife technology in my 2006 Lexus GS430 and it seems to run smooth as silk... Zero leaks.
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    5.7 Started ticking: Best band aid?

    I have used Valvoline HM full synthetic with Maxlife technology in 3 different vehicles and it quieted down or even completely stopped any ticking sound. Always have used different synthetics and switched to this oil and all my vehicles seem to love it. Dont know why but it works well Good luck.
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    Fram XG7317 20k miles cut open

    I do OCI's at around 8K miles(2010 Honda civic with Valvoline full syn with Maxlife tech and use the Fram Ultras for 2 changes. They handle 16K mile very well...
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    Leaky Honda Civic Oil Suggestion

    Maxlife rules with leaks. It may take 3K miles but it will slow or stop your leak, unless you have something going on that really needs to be fixed.
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    Valvoline Full Synthetic Maxlife 10w30

    I believe you are asking about Valvoline full synthetic High mileage with Maxlife technology... I have used the 5W30 and 5W20 versions and they both seem to work well... Very good at quieting down my sons Honda civic engine and also works well in my Lexus GS 430 V8.
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    New tire time...225/55/19, all seasons...

    Pretty hard to beat the General Altimax RT43... They have really good traction in bad weather(Wisconsin) and also last a long time. Price is starting to creep up but they are a really good tire that I have on one sons 2010 Honda Civic and my older sons 2016 Mazda CX5.
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    Valvoline full synthetic with Maxlife technology is an excellent motor oil and I have used it in multiple new and older vehicles. Most likely you will not find any oil that is going to work better for you over the long run...
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    General RT43 eBay offer

    RT 43's are a great all around tire and I have used them on many personal cars... A good friend has owned a tire shop for 30 years and sells many different tires, he has told me General RT 43's are one of the best tires for the money. Good in all weather conditions including snow and they last a...
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    Costco Gas - Very much worth the membership cost.

    Costco gas here in Wi is around 15 cents a gallon less then Kwik Trip's pricing... If you use the Costco CITI bank credit card then its another 4% off. Not bad.
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    Dex6 in a WS Toyota trans?

    It replaces WS which is a semi syn... I have used Maxlife in Toyota's, Lexus, Jaguar and Honda vehicles... If you do not want to use it, then don't. LOL.