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    2017 Fiesta Cooling

    A friend of mine has one of the three cylinder Fiestas and just had to have the engine rebuilt because the plastic fins on the water pump disintegrated and caused the engine to overheat and warp the head. He bought the extended warranty from Ford and they (of course) denied the claim. He just...
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    My daily is now totaled

    This post makes me feel better about how much I slow down in hard rain. If it's an option, I will get off the interstate and find a different route with less traffic and a lower speed. I'd almost rather drive in heavy snow than heavy rain. This post also makes me really reconsider getting one...
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    Warming up your car in winter....?!?

    I do believe in taking care of my vehicles, but they are still just tools (expensive ones) to make my life easier. Like most members here, I tend to be overboard on regular maintenance compared to "normal people". If I had a garage, whatever vehicle I am driving would be parked in it. I don't...
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    No Fram Ultra at my local WalMart

    All the Walmarts I've been to lately have had plenty of Ultras in stock.
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    2018 Forester 2.5 w/ CVT

    Originally Posted by sopususer As stated just enjoy the Subie for a couple of years. And then what, junk it? Trade it? Sell it? Some of us like to keep our cars for their entire lifetimes and the CVT could very well be the determining factor in modern cars. The OP is planning ahead. I like to...
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    Another dealership service cautionary tale

    I loathe dealership service departments. I honestly don't know how they sleep at night. I've had my run-ins with them and avoid them for all except warranty work. Here's a good one that happened last year: A coworker's mom took her vehicle to the local Nissan dealer for an oil change. The...
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    Opinion needed....

    They do that where I work. I don't buy any of it and don't feel pressured to do so. They just pass the catalog/sign up sheet or whatever around and I pass it to the next person. Why is this a big deal? Just like the cashiers asking if you'd like to donate. I've been in retail, they have to do...
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    Inside Break Booster & Master Cylinder

    I lost it when I saw his snap ring pliers.
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    Storing Car Outside

    Geeze, I've never had a garage to park cars in or pavement for that matter. Just put a good coat of wax or other sealant on it and don't worry about it. Only drive it when the roads are bone dry if there's even a hint of salt on them. There is no way I would trust my car in one of those...
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    Would Like the Manual Transmission to Make a Comeback?

    I had never owned a daily driven auto until my Frontier. I look for the 3rd peddle every time I drive it. I have to "shift" it with the selector most of the time because if I don't, it's just constantly changing back and forth from O/D to 3rd and 4th. Never will stay in a practical gear...
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    New ATVs?

    I've been out of the ATV loop for a while now but Honda ATVs were always great. They are a no-frills machine that will last a lifetime if they're as good as the ones in the 90's and early 2000's. I've had older Arctic Cats (just kept finding good deals) and have a 2003 500 4x4 now and it's...
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    Inexpensive tonneau covers?

    I've had a $189 Tyger tri-fold vinyl cover for about 2 years now. It still looks and functions just like it did new. It's very easy to install/remove and there's nothing I had to do to the truck bed prior to installing. I wanted (and still do) a camper shell but this was much cheaper and easy to...
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    Why did they ever go away from glass head lamps?

    Originally Posted By: JLTD Bulbs last longer in the new applications and the light is brighter. Is that a joke? I replace bulbs about every 2 years. My 93 Toyota Pickup (sold 2 years ago), 95 Chevy Astro (totaled 6 years ago), and dad's 81 F-150 (sold last year) all had their original sealed...
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    Maintenance on a "sealed for life transmission

    As stated above, it's hard to say without knowing the specific vehicle in question. That being said, most AT filters are either inaccessible or, if they are, no more than a screen to catch larger particles. A lot of these particles will be flushed from the filter when the ATF is drained. I...
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    What are we paying for?

    Oil is oil. I suppose there's no reason for this forum to exist anymore.
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    best engine?

    I don't know what the "best" is, but I'll throw in a vote for a 2wd Toyota Tacoma or even an older "Pickup" (literally the name of the vehicle). The 2.4l 22re in the older trucks is pretty much bullet-proof as is the 3.4l (I think) V6 in 1st generation Tacomas. 4x4 Toyotas are expensive to say...
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    I'd pass. If you want sound, you can get it a lot cheaper than that. I have an eBay intake on my Civic I paid $30 for and another $30 for an AEM dryflow. The stock airbox in that car is literally bigger than the entire engine and you have to remove it to get to a lot of things in the engine bay...
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    Road Rage: Flip them off or Yell at them?

    ^^That's awesome^^ And since they're all on social media anyway instead of driving, they'll be better at relating to the gesture.
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    Road Rage: Flip them off or Yell at them?

    I'm so used to bad drivers that it's just become a normal thing. A friend of mine that lives in San Francisco said "if you can drive in Boone, NC you can drive anywhere". I try to worry about other things. Some of my pet peeves are not using turn signals, cruising in the left lane when not...
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    Oil Filter Cutter

    My wife bought me the JEGS filter cutter ($40) for Christmas. I've only cut open a handful so far, but it does the job. I'm sure the more expensive ones are nice too. I'm going to be cutting maybe 10 or so a year so I think it'll do just fine for my purposes.