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    Popup Camper Wheel Well is torn up

    Thanks, that sounds like the plan
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    Popup Camper Wheel Well is torn up

    Hi Folks I have a 1997 Rockwood Freedom 1620 popup camper. We were coming back from a camping trip and we had a tire blow out. We are fine, We were able to get off the hwy and change the wheel. The trouble is that the wheel well is torn up. It was rubbing on the new tire before we got it off the...
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    Jerusalem Artichokes.

    They also go by the name, Jerusalem [censored]-a-choke. The vegetable is made of a carbohydrate called inulin instead of the tuber's typical starch, and inulin has an Ex-Lax-like effect on the human digestive system—we can't digest it naturally, so our gut bacteria go to town.
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    Optima battery terminal corrosion

    My daughter left a light on in her Prius which ran down the battery. She was able to jump start it and go to work. The battery is an Optima that I installed a few years ago. I open up the back to get to the battery and was shocked to see corrosion on the negative terminal. I thought this battery...
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    Kirkland 0w20 at local Costco

    Only 5w30 here at the Costco in Dallas TX. I would stock up if they had 0w20!
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    Can I use Toyota Pink in a old Toyota

    Plastic. I replace it about a year ago. It was slowly leaking.
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    Can I use Toyota Pink in a old Toyota

    We now have five Toyotas. Four of them use the Toyota Pink Coolant. My 1993 Toyota uses the Toyota Red. Can I flush out the red and replace it with Toyota Pink? That way I only have to stock one type of antifreeze??? Is the Pink better that the Red?
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    New 2019 Tacoma- rebooting radio

    I just bought a new 2019 Toyota Tacoma. It had only 50 miles on it. It's my wife's truck. My problem with it is that the radio reboots about every ten minutes. The issue seems to be with my wife's iPhone 10. She has to turn off the blue tooth and that solves the issue. We took it back to the...
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    2011 -13 Prius

    We just bought a 2014 Prius for 10,00. We also have a 2011 Prius. the 2011 has about 180,000 on it. No battery problems.
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    Is Ralph Wood still living?

    Just try his phone number. I have not heard anything about him passing.
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    Found a Segway in the trash??

    I bet you can get a key from a Segway dealer or online somewhere.
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    Toyota Sienna front tires wore out under a year.

    How would you replace worn out control brushings? do they pop out with some borrowed tools from autozone or do you need a hydraulic press?
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    Toyota Sienna front tires wore out under a year.

    I was shopping at autozone and O'reilly's. Rock auto does have the better price at 122. miles driven was about 25,000. We went camping a lot last year and towed the camper about 1,000 miles.
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    Toyota Sienna front tires wore out under a year.

    Well, We also started towing a small pop up camper about a year ago. You guys are great, I did not even think about the struts. I'm shopping now for new struts the all in one struts are expensive! Around 250 each for the front.
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    Toyota Sienna front tires wore out under a year.

    2006 Toyota Sienna 160,000 miles. I bought new tires last year. Michelin 80,000 mile tires. The issue is the front tires wore out in less than a year. Discount tires would not rotate them. I had to buy two new tires. My question is: Do you think this is a Toyota Sienna van problem or do you...
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    Spark Plug fit are the new plugs too long?

    Now, I'm wondering if I had the wrong plugs in there in the first place?? but they have been there for 75,000 miles???
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    Spark Plug fit are the new plugs too long?

    It is a four cylinder.
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    Spark Plug fit are the new plugs too long?

    I got some new spark plugs for my 2001 Saturn L100. They are Bosch Double Iridium 9617. Autozone, Orilly and Rock Auto says they will fix. I pull one of the old plugs and it is quite a bit shorter than the new plug. Do I have anything to worry about?????
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    Mistakenly put diesel fuel into a gas lawn mower

    Well, I talked with his wife. He is going to have the Kubota dealer work on it. They say it is fuel injected and needs a special flush to clean it out. 250 bucks and they can get to it in a week or so. I offered to work on it for him but I think he just wants the dealership to work on it. Some...